23-Year Career Shaped by Love for People and Culture

Think of a profession; We are talking about being a tourism professional who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, has to work harder on holidays and special days, and in return has the chance to get to know different cultures and people from all over the world. Elite World Hotels & Resorts Board Member Emel Elik Bezaroğlu’s 23 years of experience in the tourism industry summarizes this definition…

Emel Elik Bezaroğlu completed her entire education, including university, in Van, where she was born and raised. After completing his engineering education at the university, he started his career in the tourism sector at the hotel owned by his family in Istanbul, with the encouragement of his family elders. In the first two years, they gain experience in different departments such as reception and kitchen. He is slowly starting to love the tourism industry, which he had not actually thought much about. Elik Bezaroğlu says, “My active nature, my positive communication with people, my curiosity to get to know new people and cultures, my love for the tourism sector, and my desire to continue my business life in this field.”

“I think getting to know new places and discovering cultures also contributes to creativity.”

A 23-Year Career of Getting to Know People and Cultures

Elik Bezaroğlu, who later gained experience in different areas of the sales department in the Elite World chain, has been managing the sales and marketing departments of the chain, which hosts thousands of people all over the world, for 21 years. He continues to work tirelessly, get to know new people and cultures, learn, share and implement what he has learned in the 23rd year of his career in the tourism sector, which never stops, constantly pursues innovations and trends, and where guest satisfaction is among the priorities.

Elik Bezaroğlu, with his 23 years of experience, has been serving as a board member in the Elite World Hotels & Resort group for the last 10 years.

Located in the middle of nature in Sapanca, you can enjoy a holiday in touch with nature and find the opportunity to rejuvenate in modern facilities and a calm atmosphere, to have a fun and relaxing accommodation experience in the comfortable rooms of Elite World Grand Sapanca, which are decorated with inspiration from nature.

“Traveling Increases Creativity”

Elik Bezaroğlu, whose biggest hobby in his personal life as well as traveling for his job is traveling, said: “I believe that travel nourishes people, and getting to know different people and cultures opens people’s horizons. “I think getting to know new places and discovering cultures also contributes to creativity,” he says. Elik Bezaroğlu is most interested in cultural tours both domestically and abroad. He learns with curiosity the history and culture of the places he visits. Another type of travel that he does every year is cruise tourism. Exploring exotic destinations and traveling the world by cruise are among his favorite ways to travel.

While Elik Bezaroğlu plans his travels in his busy work schedule, he also turns the helm forward at Elite World Hotels & Resorts, which has been serving in the accommodation industry for nearly 50 years. He contributes to the chain’s growth strategy across Turkey with its franchise business model, with his work in sales and marketing. By adding four new brands to the four brands it has in different categories, the chain, which provides services with a total of eight brands and 11 hotels, leads the target of reaching 50 hotels by 2030 with its effective work in the field of marketing. Apart from Elite World, it also contributes to Turkish tourism with its work at the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) within the Ministry of Tourism. Elik Bezaroğlu, born and raised with the title of Eastern Anatolia Region Board Member of TGA, is working with all his might to ensure that the region where he took his first step into the profession gets the share it deserves from Turkish tourism.

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