5 Important Style Lessons You Need to Know

Style is an art that reflects the uniqueness and personal expression of each individual. However, to create a real style and express yourself, you need to know some important points.

To express yourself in the best way, discover your style, have a confident stance, pay attention to details, aim for timelessness and aim to constantly improve.

Here are 5 important style lessons that will guide you on your journey to create your personal fashion statement.


Tailoring is Everything
Style isn’t just about choosing clothes. It’s also about understanding your body structure and making clothes fit your body perfectly. The secret to truly making a difference in your overall appearance is to have a silhouette look the way it should on your body. When you purchase any piece, be sure to make it unique and suitable for you.


Try the Art of Mixing
Combining patterns and colors, textures and forms, and styles means going beyond having just a few pieces of clothing. Mixing, an expression of originality, creates an aesthetic that is entirely your own. Use classic and modern, assertive and simple, patterns and colors boldly together.


Discover the Power of Accessories
Accessories that add character to a look and reflect personal style are the most effective way to take your style to the next level. Adding accessories to your silhouette is the finishing touch that can truly complete and define a look.


Find Out What’s Right for You
Experiment to really determine what works for you when it comes to fashion. When you discover which cuts, colors and styles express you most accurately, you will have completed the most important part of your style journey.


Don’t Be Afraid to Push the Boundaries
Be brave, experiment and explore. Discovering an outfit combination you’ve never thought of putting together or a different way to wear a particular item of clothing is an important part of your style journey. Don’t be afraid to turn the tide on fashion and create interesting and completely unexpected looks. Realize that it’s really important to experiment with pieces in your closet to enhance your look.

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