A Touch of Rosemary to Hair

Rosemary Hair Care Oil, developed by Luis Bien, the half-century-old brand of completely natural and effective personal care products, with the miraculous effects of rosemary, is extremely rich in terms of its keratin, biotin and many valuable oil contents that the hair, scalp and hair follicles need, as well as biotin and keratin. The source of the natural shine of hair with its rich and intense formula.

Luis Bien Hair Care Oil with Rosemary helps support hair growth and nutrition with the rosemary, keratin, biotin and many herbal oils it contains. In addition to the effect of rosemary on stimulating hair follicles and supporting healthy and rapid hair growth, the biotin it contains helps strengthen hair. Keratin adds vitality and shine to hair. The natural herbal oils it contains provide the moisture that hair and scalp need.

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