A Tribute to Angelo Badalamenti from Balenciaga Music

Balenciaga is best known for its rebellious clothing and innovative shows, but what really makes the brand stand out is its ability to intertwine fashion with other forms of expression. Creative Director Demna, design; By fusing seamlessly with performance art, film and other artistic mediums, he expanded the Balenciaga universe beyond the fashion industry and pushed the boundaries of visual impression. In its latest project, Balenciaga presents its collaboration with the late Angelo Badalamenti for Balenciaga Music.

This multifaceted collaboration first began before Badalamenti’s death in May 2020. Now, three years after its inception, the project makes its debut as a tribute to the late composer. The new project consists of both musical and stylistic elements; offers both an original playlist of songs handpicked by Badalamenti and the limited edition Balenciaga Music x Angelo Badalamenti collection.

The project’s products consist of t-shirts and hoodies with graphics based on the notes called “Torch Theme” prepared in Badalamenti’s handwriting. To celebrate these pieces, Balenciaga is releasing a special campaign photographed and filmed at the Manhattan School of Music, where Badalamenti received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The new campaign, which features members of the Badalamaneit family as well as school students, underlines Balenciaga’s partnership with the Manhattan School of Music.

As a tribute to Badalamenti, Balenciaga is sponsoring a master class at the school, inviting students to compose original works and continue Badalamenti’s glittering legacy.

With this class, as well as the playlist, range and campaign, Balenciaga truly honors Badalamenti’s work creating a perfect union between fashion, music and education.

The Balenciaga Music Angelo Badalamenti line is available at select Balenciaga stores and balenciaga.com.

What is Balenciaga Music?

Because music is an inherent part of Balenciaga’s culture and creative drive, Balenciaga Music is designed to deliver a 360-degree experience featuring curated playlists, limited edition products, exclusive content and interactive campaigns. It introduces mixes made by various artists working around the world through a wide range of genres individually selected by Demna. These artists are invited to share their musical influences, collaborate on products, and produce original compositions specifically for Balenciaga. The platform also catalogs sounds created for runway shows and other activations. The development of new technologies such as wearable NFC chips enables special listening experiences within this ever-evolving project.

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