An Unreal Place: Etro 2024 Spring-Summer Collection

A place made possible by imagination, where the ruins of a mysterious civilization suddenly reappear, where columns resembling the ruins of a temple appear not in the middle of the forest but in the heart of the city. Nowhere is “another place” that becomes visible, and its realization means the breaking of every rule, every rational thought, every logical conclusion. “Nowhere” is a metaphor for fashion; A land where anything is possible because the combinations of elements are nearly endless. In this way, brocades and jackets with a Western flair, tie motifs and stripes, denim and terry fabrics come together in a stylistic “non-existent place” in a style that is both harmonious and dynamic at the same time.

The toes of Texas boots meet fabric knits, illustrations of a mysterious island come to life on wide shirts, and lines are connected with luxurious folds. This effect is further strengthened by the feeling of an enlightened free spirit. In the collection, motifs and repetitive patterns within a silhouette multiply in contrast, with absolute and irresistible precision: long and body-concealing envelope jackets and blazers that are straight and vertical or open downwards, enveloping with large volumes. To reinforce this imagery, an ancient Mycenaean symbol is used: an octopus, a sign of rebirth and a wish for good luck. And on the ears, a blindfolded goddess earring with the message “if you dare, you will be rewarded”; Another way to describe the act of dressing and participating freely in life, using only instinct and imagination.

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