Beauty Begins in Sleep

Lonjevite is happy to offer its customers a brand new beauty experience. Glow by Night Satin Pillowcase allows you to complete your beauty routine even during sleep.

Glow by Night Vegan Pillowcase rejuvenates the skin with its 100 percent cotton satin texture and adds a natural shine to the hair. While maintaining the skin’s moisture balance, it also offers gentle care to sensitive skin. Now beauty begins in sleep!

Glow by Night Pillowcase is more than just a beauty product; It is also a great gift option that you can present to your loved ones. While adding a touch of luxury to your daily life with its quality materials and stylish design; It gives you the opportunity to present the most special and thoughtful gift to your loved ones.

Glow by Night Vegan Pillowcase: 550 TL
Double Set: 825 TL

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