Beauty Sleep for Your Hair

Pantene’s Hydra Glow family was introduced with the big launch event held in June, and the intensely moisturizing Pantene Goodbye to Dry Hair Ends Serum attracted great attention from the popular names of the press and influencer world. Pantene Hydra Glow family continues to expand with its brand new member, Night Serum.

Reverse 7 Days of Wear and Damage in 8 Hours!

Pantene Night Serum, the latest member of the Pantene Hydra Glow family, provides intense repair to your hair all night long and moisturizes your hair with its rich formula while you sleep. Pantene Night Serum is applied to the hair before sleep, just like skin care creams; It repairs and moisturizes your hair throughout the night with its hyaluronic acid content and reverses 7-day wear in exactly 8 hours, allowing you to wake up in the morning with repaired and moisturized hair. In addition, thanks to its rinse-free structure, the product repairs your hair while you sleep and protects against damage caused by procedures such as styling.

24-Hour Care with Pantene Day and Night Serums

Pantene Hydra Glow series provides care that will protect and repair your hair for 24 hours, just like your skin care routine, with the Pantene Goodbye to Dry Ends Serum and Pantene Night Serum. While the Goodbye to Dry Hair Ends Serum used during the day moisturizes your hair with its Pro V formula enriched with biotin and hyaluronic acid, the Night Serum, when applied to your hair before going to bed at night, offers a 24-hour care with its hyaluronic acid content, allowing your hair to have a beauty sleep throughout the night.

Beauty Press Introduced Pantene Night Serum

Members of the beauty press had the opportunity to experience Pantene Night Serum for the first time at Pantene Beauty Day, which took place on November 20 in the studio of Pantene hair specialist Erhan Delen. Pantene hair expert Erhan Delen talked about the brand’s great innovation;

“As a hair stylist, I can say that Pantene Night Serum is designed as a solution to the complaints I hear most frequently from my customers. Just like skin serums, I can say that when you apply it to your hair at night and go to bed, it repairs your hair all night long and allows you to wake up with soft hair in the morning, almost giving your hair a beauty sleep. Pantene Night Serum is truly a very successful innovation for this sector!”

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