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We would like to start by saying that boutique perfume brands, each with a special story and character, promise more than the classic perfume experience. In this age where individuality and originality are at the forefront, originality is starting to gain an important place in the perfume world. When we look at fragrance trends around the world, a new one is added every day to boutique perfume brands that offer unusual scents, have extraordinary ingredients and are mostly unisex. Unlike traditional perfumes, these brands don’t just offer a scent, they tell a story. Each bottle is carefully designed like a work of art and bears the mark of a special character.


Imaginary Authors, founded by Josh Meyer with a creative mind, is one of the leading boutique perfume brands that aim to bring a unique perspective to the world of fragrance. Josh Meyer writes a story behind each of his perfumes, and these make the perfume itself even more meaningful. This is where the brand gets its name from; He presents perfumes as if they were the works of imaginary authors. Each product of Imaginary Authors has a name thought of as a book. For example, “A City On Fire” gives the impression of a real city fire with its woody and smoky notes.


A story born from the combination of beauty and naturalness: By Rosie Jane. Founded by Rosie Jane Johnston, this brand brings the elegance and simplicity of nature to perfume bottles. By Rosie Jane is a brand that stands out not only with aesthetics but also with ethical values. All of their fragrances are produced using environmentally friendly and vegan ingredients. Inspired by nature and designed with love, each perfume offers its users a simple, sophisticated and original scent experience. “I designed this scent to remind myself that everything will be okay,” says the brand’s founder, Rosie Jane, about the latest Dulce.


Clean Reserve, which attracts a lot of attention in the beauty and perfume world, is a boutique perfume brand that adopts the principles of completely natural beauty and sustainability. The brand promises a unique scent experience to its users with its environmentally friendly formulas and exclusive essences. How does he do this? By producing its perfumes from natural and organic ingredients. Clean Reserve perfumes also attract attention with their unique names that tell stories. Options such as “Radiant Nectar”, “Skin” and “Blonde Rose” reflect the character and theme of each essence. Clean Reserve, whose minimalist packaging designs are also appreciated, clearly reveals the simplicity and environmentally friendly stance of the brand with transparent glass bottles and understated labels.


Founded by Bee Shapiro in New York in 2015, Ellis Brooklyn was born with the claim of bringing a modern touch to the world of perfume. The brand prioritizes quality and transparency in its products and carefully prepares each perfume using the highest quality and natural ingredients. The biggest claim of the brand is that it offers its users complete transparency about the content of its products. We can mention that Ellis Brooklyn has a wide perfume collection. One of the brand’s signature scents, “Myth”, is not only sophisticated but leaves an unforgettable impression with its white floral notes and woody touches. “Après” is a great option for the winter months.


Maison Louis Marie appears as an extension of the perfume heritage of a family founded in France in 1792. The family’s original formulas and mastery of perfume making are today the inspiration for creating the unique and contemporary essences of Maison Louis Marie. Each perfume combines the deep-rooted history of the family with today’s modernity. The brand brings a contemporary approach to the world of fragrance by pouring French elegance and timeless luxury into perfume bottles. Maison Louis Marie’s extensive fragrance collection also reflects the brand’s original taste and elegance. While the warm and woody notes of the brand’s bestselling scent “No.04 Bois de Balincourt” turn into an elegant and lasting signature, the brand’s newest scent “No.13 Nouvelle Vague” offers refreshing and rich notes.

Article: Damla Durak
Photo: Getty Images Türkiye, Lunde Baard
Style: J. Chanut-Bombar, Deborah Dutrain
Taken from ELLE Türkiye December 2023 issue.

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