Dance Freely with Life: Aybüke Pusat

ELLE is more than fashion and style, it is an attitude, mood and perspective. In the first of our ELLE State of Mind series, where we will take action to reflect the moment and emotion, we caught the popular actress Aybüke Pusat dancing freely in the snow, in the middle of nowhere, between white and blue.

Karakorum coat, Grenoble ski overalls, hat, gloves, snow boots and ski goggles, Moncler

Aybüke Pusat, who currently plays the character of Neslihan in the TV series Teşkilat, is very curious about dreaming and trying new things. We are on the frozen Tekir Pond in Erciyes with the beautiful actress who says, “New experiences are like a key to a new room in my mind.”

ELLE:How does it feel to be in the middle of a huge whiteness/nowhere?

Aybüke Pusat: Fresh air and the sound of snow have always felt very meditative to me. It becomes easier to hear my thoughts.

Mountains liberate. Cold boosts my energy. I don’t remember ever feeling bad when it was snowing.

by hand : What is true freedom? How would you describe your most unfiltered, freest moments?

Aybüke Pusat: These are the moments when I dance. These are the walks I take in nature in rainy weather. It is the process when I am on stage. These are the times when I sit at long tables with my closest friends and talk about my problems for a long time.

ELLE:If life is one long dance, which dance stage are you in right now?

Aybüke Pusat: Oh, great question… I feel like I’m going from a slow, romantic waltz to further south of Italy, to Puglia, to Sicily. I can say that I am in a period where I am blooming a little. That’s why I’m doing tarantella with life. It’s a melody I remember from a long time ago and one that I love very much. It is both traditional and cheerful.

ELLE:Is there a book/movie or quote that has touched you a lot lately?

Aybüke Pusat: I loved the saying ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’. Among the books, Seray Şahiner’s ‘Ülker Abla’, and among the films, Amjad al Rasheed’s ‘Hopefully There Will Be a Man’, which focuses on the pressures women are exposed to, were influential.

Publishing Director: Melda Narmanlı Çimen

Photos: Fırat Meriç

Fashion Director: Aslı Asil

Venue: Das 3917, Erciyes

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