Do You Know the Emergency Features of iPhone and Apple Watch?

Using Emergency Assistance, you can quickly and simply call for help and inform your emergency contacts. You can initiate an Emergency Call by pressing and holding the side button and either volume button until the Emergency SOS slider appears. When the countdown is complete, your iPhone will immediately call emergency services. With Apple Watch, you can press and hold your watch’s button at the bottom of the Digital Crown until the Emergency Call slider appears.

Make emergency calls and access Medical ID from a locked iPhone

You can call emergency services and check Medical ID from a locked iPhone. If someone needs help and is unconscious, you can look up their Medical ID on their iPhone. Medical ID provides information about a person that may be important in an emergency, such as allergies, illnesses and who to contact. Medical IDs can be automatically shared with first responders during an emergency call. You can drag the Emergency Call slider to contact the emergency or the Medical ID slider to view the Medical ID.

Add an emergency contact

You can easily add an emergency contact from the Health application.

Traffic Accident Detection

It allows you to contact emergency services and emergency contacts when your iPhone detects a serious traffic accident. If you can’t see the screen, your iPhone reads the alert for you. If you only have an iPhone, an Emergency Call slider appears on the screen and your iPhone calls emergency services. If you have an iPhone and Apple Watch, the Emergency Call slider appears only on your watch and the call audio plays from your watch. If you cannot respond, your device automatically calls emergency services after a 20-second countdown. If you’ve added emergency contacts, your device shares your location and sends a message to let you know you’ve been in a car accident. If you have your Medical ID set up, a Medical ID slider appears on your device so emergency responders can access your medical information. If you are unconscious, your device starts a new 10-second countdown. At the end of the countdown, if you haven’t answered, your device will contact emergency services.

Calling emergency services via Siri

You can quickly ask Siri to call emergency services from your iPhone. To turn on Siri, press and hold the side voice button and tell Siri “Call Emergency Services.” Siri will start a 3-second countdown before calling emergency. You can call emergency services directly by tapping “Call”.


The LED flash on your iPhone also acts as a flashlight, so you can use your iPhone as an LED flash with 4 different light levels. You can turn Flashlight on in three different modes from the Apple Watch Control Center: solid white light, blinking white light, or solid red light.


You can share and see the locations of your contacts and receive arrival/departure notifications of the coordinates of the people you specify. You can check the location of your loved ones with the Find My Friends app from your Apple Watch.

Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode reduces the amount of power your iPhone uses when the battery is low. Even if your battery is not low, you can put your phone in low power mode. To enable Low Power Mode on your Apple Watch, touch and hold the bottom of your Apple Watch screen. Wait for Control Center to appear, then you can swipe up.


The Compass app shows the direction your iPhone is pointing, the coordinates and altitude of your current location, the direction your Apple Watch is facing, as well as your current location and elevation.

Status Monitoring

You can use Checkup on iPhone to automatically notify you that your iPhone has arrived, and choose what kind of details that contact can see if you don’t successfully complete Checkup on Status. Similarly, if your friend sends you a Status Check but their iPhone didn’t arrive as expected, you can check their location, battery percentage, cellular signal, etc. you can view.


Thanks to the Siren feature in Apple Watch Ultra models, you can quickly and easily warn those around you when you need help.


Use the Walkie-Talkie app to communicate with a single tap in emergency situations or when trying to find someone in a crowded environment. Add your friends, then control when you want to talk.

Fall Detection

With Fall Detection enabled, if Apple Watch detects a hard fall, it can help connect you to emergency services and send a message to your emergency contacts. If Apple Watch detects a hard fall and that you’ve been motionless for about a minute, it taps your wrist, sounds an alarm, and then tries to call emergency services.

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