Dyson Rewrites the Rules of Hair Straightening

Dyson, which makes life easier by offering practical and hair-free hair styling solutions, is here with its new Airstrait hair straightener. Dyson Airstrait, which straightens hair from wet to dry for every hair type, helps to achieve a natural and straight style by preserving the strength and healthy appearance of the hair.

We Have Peace of Mind While Styling Hair!

The most striking feature of Dyson hair care products is that they offer protection against heat-related damage during styling. The Dyson Airstrait hair straightener also features smart heat control, with glass thermistors measuring the temperature of the airflow 30 times per second to prevent heat damage and preserve hair’s natural shine. Thus, it offers a solution to the problem of damage, which is our biggest fear during hair styling.

Dyson Airstrait manages to style hair using optimum heat and controlled airflow. Air styling allows for the creation of straight styles while maintaining volume and movement. Dyson Airstrait draws its power from the specially designed Hyperdymium engine, which is at the heart of beauty technologies. The small and lightweight Hyperdymium motor is powerful enough to produce the airflow needed to simultaneously dry and straighten hair from wet to wet.

Smooth and Shiny Hair Strands

Who doesn’t want straight, smooth and shiny hair? Dyson Airstrait, thanks to the two 1.5 mm openings in its arms, accelerates the air in these channels, creating two high-speed downward air currents. Projected at a 45-degree angle, these currents combine to create a single focused stream of air, creating a downward force to straighten hair in a controlled manner as it dries. This directed airflow helps align strands for a smooth, shiny look.

Styling for Every Fashion

The Dyson Airstrait hair straightener has ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’ styling modes and a ‘Cool Air’ mode to lock in your style. ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’ modes are preset with a specific combination of heat and airflow for best results.

In ‘wet’ mode; You can choose between three heat settings: 80°C, 110°C and 140°C, in ‘Dry’ mode, 120°C or 140°C, or you can choose the higher mode, “Boost” mode. In addition to two speed settings for airflow control, low speed and high speed, there is also a cold air fixing and hair root drying mode.

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