Eda Ece with Her Very Exciting Beginnings

Actress Eda Ece, who always surprises us with her mental speed, life energy and passion for work, is entering 2024 with different and very exciting beginnings. The reason for our meeting is that he is the face of the Comme Une Evidence perfume family of the Yves Rocher brand, whose products and philosophy he loves very much. We celebrate every aspect of the female body and self-confident elegance, accompanied by the secret scents of nature.

This is the first interview I’ve had with you, but each time there are new things to talk about; Are you living life too fast and full, Eda?

Yes; I guess it happens unintentionally. I get bored when I am left idle, so I immediately find new interests or pursuits to fill the gap. I don’t know if it’s because my Saturn is in Capricorn, but generally I’m always coming up with new things to do. I have been working since I was 20, and I guess I enjoy working hard. I’m doing different things at the same time, one is not enough. My brain is very used to thinking and planning like an eight-armed octopus, let’s do this, this and that at the same time.

2023 has been a very important year for you, right? First of all, you said goodbye to your cult series Yasak Elma and Yıldız, which lasted for 6 seasons. I guess this project took you to a completely different place in your career and in the eyes of the audience?

It was truly a fate-changing job. The character of Cimbom in Pis Yedili is the role that first made me accepted in the industry, the first time I made a magazine cover, and the first role for which I received an award; I had 500 thousand followers on Twitter, which was a huge number at that time. I experienced the second peak with Yıldız; And it took me to a completely different place. I created Yıldız by loving it very much and adding a lot of myself to it; There are some magical moments in a person’s life, I think he came across such a moment. In a world where everything is consumed quickly, we shot 177 episodes and always felt very loved. Yıldız opened many doors for me and allowed me to do different things; Thank you very much to him. It will always have a very special place in my heart.

How did you feel while playing the last scene?

The final scenes of TV series may be shot differently depending on the set schedule; But for the sake of all these years, they really put the final scene of the final episode of Yasak Elma at the end. We shot our final scene with Şevval last and when the scene was over, we both hugged each other and cried. There were four of us who had been on the show since day one, and it was a very emotional moment. It was strange to say goodbye to the Forbidden Apple and the Star, but every story has an end, we believed that it had to end now. But since overseas sales continue, I think its effect will last for another 10 years.

The series ended, followed immediately by your wedding night, which all the guests described as a very intimate and fun night. Now, months later, when you think about it, what moments and feelings come to your mind the most? Was everything as you imagined?

When I think about the wedding day, the first thing that comes to mind is my excitement! It was a sincere and beautiful wedding, just as I wanted, but from the morning of the wedding, I was filled with more excitement than I could have ever imagined. While I thought that Buğra would get tense and I would stay calm, the exact opposite happened. Buğra performed much better than me; He was much more cheerful, much more stress-free. For example, while everyone was waiting in the wedding area downstairs and we reached the top of the stairs, I felt a panic and I was trembling. Buğra calmed me down by holding my hand and talking to me. We got married ten times in the TV series, but when it happened in reality, there was a lot of excitement and stress for me; I see from the videos that I ran to the place where the wedding was going to take place and came back running; Buğra tried to brake with his hand. Fortunately, my excitement passed after the wedding and I enjoyed the night. It was an unforgettable evening where people danced until the last second, the tempo never slowed down, and the guests had a lot of fun. I also had a lot of fun until the very end; I never left the stage or dance floor. We tried to host everyone in the best way possible. I always heard the sentence ‘we felt as if the whole room knew each other’ from the guests and I was very happy.

Was the wedding organization difficult, how did you plan it?

I worked with Aytül Ayke Weddings, I left everything to her because I liked what she did very much. He showed me options, I chose one and did not interfere with the rest. He did a wonderful job with great taste, without tiring me or hurting me. He created a warm, friendly and sweet environment. After the wedding, many people said to Aytül, ‘The atmosphere was just like Eda’; I liked this comment too. Four Seasons Bosphorus was also very professional, the food was very good, everything ran without any problems. No one has seen my wedding dresses before; I chose and bought it on my own. I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. I wanted to choose without any confusion. My mother and sister came to my rehearsals. Buğra also managed this process very well, I give him a hundred percent in terms of wedding performance. Besides, there was no stress beforehand; Besides, he didn’t question anything. We went to the tasting together; We chose the menu together, he always took care of the pleasant aspects of the job, so there was no stress and he made me feel at ease at every stage. I think the correct attitude of a man should be like this, I congratulate him on this. She really had fun on her wedding day too. Now that I think about it, I’m glad I got married in my 30s. When you are in your 20s, you become inexperienced, families always get mixed up because you don’t know yourself well. In your 30s, you know exactly what you want and what you don’t want.

The feeling you had the next morning after the wedding was over?

A great relief, of course… 177 episodes are over, the wedding is over, the stress is over, how many feelings did you have without looking back… It was a great feeling.

So, what was the most enjoyable part of this process for you?

It was very valuable to celebrate such a beautiful day with the people we love. My father cried with happiness throughout the wedding, and when I saw him crying, I almost cried too. Too many bad things happen in life; The problems of the country and the world always create a negative mood in us. In the past, birthdays, weddings, etc. I didn’t care at all; Now I want to celebrate special occasions. You have no chance of not experiencing the bad things, so let’s at least experience the good things to the fullest so that our soul can rest from time to time.

You spent the summer in Bodrum after the wedding, cooking meals and hosting your friends. What kind of writing did he write? Were you able to rest?

While I had a set every day, could not spare any time for myself, and could not even do very normal things such as having breakfast at home in the morning, walking your dog, or meeting my friends in the evening, it was very good for me to experience ordinariness in Bodrum all summer long. Unfortunately, you don’t have the right to be sick, unhappy or lose your energy while working. Your voice, health and performance should always be good. In psychology books, they recommend the ordinariness of daily life to feel peaceful; I read that spending time in a routine normalizes you, relieves your stress, and gets you out of all those weird moods you’re in. I experienced that ordinariness in Bodrum and it felt very good.

It is said that in order to be creative and dream of new things, you need to be empty, do you think it is true?

It definitely is. I spent my own time doing the things I wanted; There were also moments when I stared blankly at the sea; When I’m busy with the house…

Summer is over, you returned to Istanbul and…

Due to Buğra’s training schedule, we actually returned in mid-August, before the end of the summer, and I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of September; A brand new and exciting adventure has begun for us.

I guess you had a hard time at the beginning of your pregnancy?

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, I was very nauseous, had low blood pressure, and could not leave the house at all. At first I panicked a little due to inexperience, but then I realized it was normal. Pregnancy was not an easy thing for women who experienced its side effects; I experienced it with my sisters, but I guess people don’t understand when they don’t suffer from it themselves. I did not miss even one of the results on Google, I experienced all the side effects!

How did you feel when you found out the baby was a girl?

I was very happy, because I secretly wanted a girl. Buğra always said ‘it doesn’t matter, we don’t have a son or a daughter anyway; “Let him be born healthy, that’s all that matters,” he said.

The change of the female body with pregnancy seems scary to some women. In the past, it was something that was more hidden and concealed; Today, the message of loving every aspect of your own body is given. We especially see Hollywood stars showing off their belly on red carpets, so to speak. How do you experience this process?

I have never been someone who is obsessed with her body, who gets upset if she gains a pound, and who focuses on physical beauty. I can also admit that I was a little contemptuous of myself in that regard; I know sugar is harmful, but I still eat it with pleasure. I’m just worried about not looking bad since I’m in front of the cameras. Health is of course important, but it is also very important for women’s emotional and mental health that they are at peace with their bodies, that they do not live with the standards imposed by society and social media, and that they are not ashamed of experiencing natural body changes, especially during a process such as pregnancy. Pregnancy affects almost all your organs, your hormones and even your brain. In such a process, the feeling that the woman should focus on should be happiness and self-confidence, not hiding or feeling restricted.

Expectant mothers and women who are mothers generally prefer to put their professions on hold for a while; But you didn’t stop and in the last month of 2023, while you were 4 months pregnant, you started a very valuable collaboration with the Yves Rocher brand. How did it develop, which products did you become the brand ambassador of?

Yves Rocher was a brand that I have used and loved for many years, so I knew its products, philosophy and vision before we started our collaboration, and I was very happy that they chose me. I also have great respect for brands that respect our planet. Yves Rocher is an environmentally friendly brand that brings herbal beauty to the masses, and being the pioneer of herbal cosmetics is very important, especially for future generations. The history of the brand dates back to the 1930s; He was born in the village of La Gacilly in France and has been using flowers and plants in his products since the first day. I hope one day I will go and see those flower fields and botanical gardens! I have been the face of three different lines, but first we started with the Comme une Evidence perfume family. We did our shooting, it was a very nice journey, we worked very happily. Other series will be released at different times this year, so let it be a surprise for now.

In our last interview, you mentioned that it is very important for you to have sensitivities that will protect the world and all living things in the world. Your opinion coincides with this mission of the Yves Rocher brand, which is developed with formulas that respect both the skin and nature, and whose formulas contain up to 96 percent natural ingredients. Did these features affect your decision during the collaboration process?

Yes, of course it did; This is what made me happy the most. Yves Rocher’s nature, environment and human-friendly identity, its limited environmental impact and its constant efforts to improve this, the naturalness of its ingredients, the cleanliness and beauty of its products were very important to me. There are many series that I use with pleasure and get real results. It is a very respected and loved brand, and a brand with truths that match my own… I couldn’t be happier.

Is your perfume important to you? What kind of scents do you like? You became the face of the Yves Rocher Comme une Evidence series, which brought us together in the February issue of ELLE, this perfume sells every three seconds in the world… What scents and essences are at its core?

I like powdery and flowery scents, especially rose scent. All of the perfume bottles I have used so far are shades of pink; My hand always goes to them. For this reason, I also loved the pink bottled Yves Rocher Comme une Evidence, which contains Isparta rose, patchouli and bergamot in its herbal ingredients; It has an elegant, floral and slightly woody aroma. A timeless scent that is both energetic and peaceful… It does not contain paraben and sulfate, its entire packaging is recyclable; I’m not surprised it’s sold every 20 seconds around the world!

Brands inspired by nature and containing natural ingredients, such as Yves Rocher, attract more attention of the younger generation. What is your relationship with nature? Does it relax you or inspire you?

I love being in nature, and everyone who lives in big cities needs to be grounded in terms of energy. If we could live without rush and stress, maybe we could be more peaceful. In summers, I am more in touch with nature; Of course, I appreciate nature, even though there are not many opportunities in winter due to busyness. We are more conscious about consumption than previous generations; I am now very careful about what is in what I eat, what I put on my face, and what materials I use on my skin when I dress. My attention increased even more with my pregnancy; I read and research all content. When the additives or make-up products we use unknowingly penetrate our skin, we take extra chemicals into our body; Yves Rocher is very valuable to me at this point. Apart from the series I am the face of, I also use hair and make-up products safely. I think this is the definition of true luxury: Being able to buy clean products at an affordable price. Young people are more conscious than us, they turn to brands that do not harm the world, such as Yves Rocher.

Which is your favorite flower?

I love my wedding flower, the peony. I also love the rose and engulf in Comme une Evidence. And chrysanthemums… I recently bought a lot of chrysanthemums for the office; Ataturk’s favorite…

Let’s come to 2024… The year has just started, but there is new news from you. You launched your brand new brand Moon Milk on January 8th. We want to hear from the very beginning when you dreamed it, when you created it, when you produced it…

Yes, I made such a surprise and opened the brand with just an Instagram announcement! My uncle, who lives in London, has been in the textile business for many years; A factory where he worked was a fan of Yasak Elma and Yıldız and he introduced us to her. I visited their production facilities, saw their processes, touched their products, had meetings, met their design teams, took fabric classes and ultimately decided to work with them to create my own brand. We are in the age of entrepreneurs; There are many celebrities in the world who have launched their own brands; I wanted to try it too. I love professions that involve creativity, it is very enjoyable to produce. We have been working on it for about two years, we took great care and tried to do the best, so we opened it a little later than we planned. If I hadn’t met such a good team, I wouldn’t have had the courage, but I was so lucky that they did whatever I dreamed of.

Why home and sleepwear?

First of all, I am someone who loves home very much. I felt very tired and I missed the joy of being at home. Since I was always at work and running around, I had a picture in the back of my mind that I should go home, turn on the fireplace, let my cat curl up next to me, drink something hot, wear comfortable clothes, and not get cold. It also makes me happy when beautiful and quality fabrics touch my skin. I wanted to create such a world under my own brand. We founded Moon Milk to design the pajamas I wear, the socks I put on my feet, the mug I hold in my hand, and the candle I light.

Why did you name it Moon Milk? What is the meaning?

While I was researching a name, I came across a recipe for ‘moon milk latte’, which does not contain coffee and is said to help sleep. When turmeric and cinnamon are mixed into warm milk or almond milk, it becomes ‘cinnamon moon milk’, and when lavender is added, it becomes ‘lavender moon milk’ and provides a comfortable sleep by relaxing the body and balancing the hormones before sleep. I was impressed as I read it, it reminded me of the feeling of milk with honey I drank before going to bed as a child. I also liked its relationship with sleep and night; I wanted to bring both its name, colors and moon form to my brand. I chose purple, the color of my brand. It’s a color whose energy I love, but it suits Moon Milk more than me.

What products are in your first collection?

In our first collection, we made 100% organic cotton and modal products. We started with timeless pajama sets, nightgowns, tracksuits, t-shirts and tights that can be worn for years; Our product range will gradually expand. We wanted our products to be long-lasting and of high quality, at the standards of world brands. We started with very good fabric and workmanship. We created a special soft feeling with silk threads. Everyone who bought it and used it noticed it immediately. I didn’t even have to launch the brand and advertise. The day after the products were put up for sale, I received congratulatory and pleased phone calls as soon as the cargo started arriving at homes. My father said, ‘There are many mistakes in textile, but you started with almost no mistakes.’ I received sincere feedback from very valuable people, and I was very happy. It was worth all the meetings and efforts we made.

How are sales going?

Thank God, our sales started well. It is quite difficult to describe a brand new brand in e-commerce. Since it is not sold in stores, people cannot see and touch it. Moreover, while announcing the brand, I did neither an advertisement, nor an interview, nor a launch; I just opened it with a post from my own Instagram account. I trusted the work we did, I thought that its value would become clear as it was used, so I was not alarmed. Moon Milk is not just a famous brand, we really have the best pajamas in the market, from price performance to model, fabric and embroidery. We could have done it much cheaper, but we did our best to make it permanent and used for years. I worked with a very good team. I would like to thank each and every one of them. I am also very pleased with the sales volume. My international recognition comes from TV series, so there is a lot of interest from there, we are now in talks to add foreign sales.

You are very impressed with your website, will there be any other products or services other than the Moon Milk collections?

Yes, the Moon Milk website will not only be a sales channel but also a platform. Astrology is also my area of ​​interest, you can read your horoscope for free. One of the questions I was asked most was about creating a birth chart, so we put a horoscope, relationship analysis map and an option to purchase annual predictions on the site. We have personalized mother and baby products and oversize hoodies for men. We are just at the beginning of the road, as I said, there will be new product types, new models and new collaborations with brands that match our spirit.

Will you do it together with acting?

Moon Milk has an office and employees; There is a process there. I am the founder, creator and also an employee of the brand. Since I love creating and I got used to working constantly, it was very good to have such a job during my pregnancy. Since I won’t be able to be in front of the cameras physically and mentally for a while, I will prefer to do team work in the office, meaning I can take care of my brand and my baby at the same time. But I never think of quitting my profession, because I love acting very much. I worked hard and achieved a certain level of experience and success; that’s my main job. Instead of depositing my earnings in the bank, I preferred to invest in a business that I would grow myself. I hope Moon Milk will last a long time and my child will develop the brand even more after me.

You love home life, designing spaces, and making changes and innovations in the area you live in; What kind of feeling do you like to create in decoration? What feeling makes you happy when you enter a place?

For me, the warmth of the home environment means getting away from disturbing external factors and external stimuli. There is also a kind of freedom space. For most people, going out is freedom, for me it’s the opposite. Entering the house somehow gives me the feeling of communication turning to oneself, one’s attention turning to oneself, and living completely as one’s own self. For this reason, I generally care about creating a comfortable, bright and warm feeling by always using light colors.

Have you designed the baby room?

I chose a wallpaper full of animals, mostly salmon and pink; furniture is also made; I think our room will be ready in about a month.

Marriage and baby news… Did these create a change or transformation in your relationship with Buğra?

I recommend marriage to everyone, it has been very good for our relationship. After five years of being together, we got to know each other well and decided to spend our lives together and got married. I believe that marriage brings maturity and peace; There is a little more conflict in love, two people who came from different lives and walked different paths try to explain themselves and their characters to each other. But marriage is like a period of acceptance, agreement and reconciliation… Since we loved each other with Buğra, we wanted to spend this life together and have children. The baby was something we wanted, and thank God it happened; I am very happy with our current situation, I am glad we got married. We can put an evil eye bead emoji here!

So what kind of father do you think he will be?

I think he will be a great father because he is a lightning rod for children like me. So if there is a child somewhere, he immediately comes to me; Buğra is exactly like this. In fact, all my friends’ children go to Buğra more than me; One climbs on his back, the other jumps into his lap. Men generally hesitate to hold newborn babies, but Buğra is never like that; He immediately holds the newborn baby in his arms. I think he will be a very loving, very good and caring father, and will help and support me in everything.

How do you think you will experience the postpartum period? Would you be an anxious mother or a relaxed mother?

I’m not a very careless person, I mean, I can’t say that she should walk around in the snow with a t-shirt and figure out whether she’s cold or not, but I wouldn’t be a mother who has panic attacks and anxiety levels and doesn’t let the child breathe. I try to teach him everything I know about life, just like my own mother did to me, but I don’t turn into a person who chases after the child all day long and only talks about the child, forgetting his own identity. I keep my hands on him and at the same time, I leave him free to try, make mistakes and learn. Children record every moment like a tape recorder and take their parents as a model; They learn many things through observation and imitation. As I get older, I realize that even my cooking style is the same as my mother’s. In other words, we are much more like our parents than they think, and we become what we see. I will do my best to have a gentle nature.

Are there any things that your mother always gave you advice that you now agree with and that you would definitely tell my daughter?

In our family, education was given great importance since kindergarten; I started primary school knowing the four operations. Throughout my life, I have been sent to many teachers, lessons and courses outside of school. Volleyball, basketball, swimming, ballet… I went to all of them for a while. When I didn’t show interest in sports, my mother didn’t insist, but if she was eating, don’t take a math class… I went on holiday to Bodrum in the summer, I was looking for a bikini swimsuit in the suitcase, and I saw that there was a book of Mathematics problems at the top! My friends are waiting at the door, I’m going to go to the sea, my mother says, “Did you solve the 10 pages of the test?” I’ve never been idle in my life, maybe that’s why I work so hard. Until we started working at Pis Yedili, we always had issues with school, lessons and work. My father is also an ITU graduate and a very intelligent man, and he went over the subject a lot. The importance of education has been engraved in my mind in such a way that I think I would guide my own child in the same way. I never say ‘what can we do, our child doesn’t like studying’ and leave it at that, I go for it, I want him to love learning and learn different information and skills outside of school. And let him know the value of family…

Which characteristics of your daughter would attract you, and which characteristics would you like Buğra to attract?

My daughter will be either Aries or Taurus; They are both zodiac signs that I get along with. If he is a Taurus, my job seems easier, I think he will be more docile. If he becomes an Aries, another little model will be added to the stubborn Aries in the house; I don’t know how to deal with both! When it comes to temperament, it can take away my diligence and conscience. From Buğra, he can take his comfort and ability to live life with pleasure even when he is alone. He entertains and entertains himself very well; I can never be idle, I immediately produce all kinds of work for myself and make to-do lists.

What is your reaction when your daughter wants to do something you don’t want?

I don’t want her to dye her hair or get a tattoo, because I did both and regretted it very much; Of course, I don’t know whether she will listen to her mother or be stubborn. Apart from these, I think I will give my opinion, but I will leave the decision to him.

You are a woman who loves to work and produce, nourishes herself from this, and believes that work is very valuable for a woman’s personality and existence. Have you planned for after the baby is born? Do you have any thoughts of starting acting when you reach this age or will you decide according to the flow?

Honestly, I didn’t make any plans. I see from my friends that the baby needs the mother very much, especially during the first year; It’s a bit like a lapel pin, so I wouldn’t get into anything that would neglect it. When we get settled, I take him with me and go to the Moon Milk office, where I can work and take care of him, I shoot commercials, but since I cannot determine my own conditions in acting, I stay away from the sets for a while. In fact, even if we had not had a baby, I would have taken a break for a season after Yasak Elma, because a break was needed to get the Yıldız character, which had been watched for 6 years, out of the audience’s mind. Time will tell everything, I don’t know what I will experience, but I will find a balance somehow.

What do you miss most about acting?

I think Turkish TV series are going to a good place and I am a TV series actor in a very good period. Together, we have created an industry where our value is understood, our work is sold to the world, and we have no technical shortcomings. Some of the roles in the new TV series I watch are very entertaining, I see them and I enjoy thinking that I am taking a break to return.

Are you ambitious in your profession?

I think ambition and passion for success should be kept separate. I cannot stop working and I want to succeed in the work I undertake. I like to be useful in life and be successful in whatever I try. This could be a role, or fixing up a part of the house. I know my own limits and potential; I am very happy with where I am in acting, the relationship I have established with people, and my communication with my audience. But there is also Eda outside of acting, I am a hard-working person with many interests. I also deal with Moon Milk, I also take care of my parents, and I raise my children. I do my best to do them all well.

We are in the second month of the new year, what do you expect from 2024?

In recent years, the whole world has been exposed to stressful, negative events. We have all become sensitive. We act with anxiety and uneasiness at all times, wondering what will happen, what will happen to us. Five years ago, it was as if we only had personal problems; Now our problems are bigger and more common. Now that I am going to have a child, I worry whether the world will always struggle with such collective troubles from now on, so I hope 2024 will be a year where we are never tested with our health, our morale is always high, and full of happy surprises. My childhood was very peaceful and joyful, and I hope our daughter’s, whom we are waiting to hold in good health, will be the same.


Interview: Melda Narmanlı Çimen
Photos: Burcu Karademir
Fashion Director: Aslı Asil

Taken from ELLE Türkiye February 2024 issue.

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