Ekrem Yalçındağ’s Personal Exhibition ‘Natures’ is in Sevil Dolmacı Istanbul

Ekrem Yalçındağ’s personal exhibition “Natures”, which will be held in Istanbul after nine years, started to be exhibited at Sevil Dolmacı Istanbul on February 13. In the exhibition, which brings together the artist’s recent works using different techniques, the “Natures” series, one of his prominent works, offers the audience the opportunity to discover the artist’s evolution and differentiating techniques. The collaboration between Yalçındağ and Zurich curator Dorothea Strauss draws attention in the installation of the exhibition, which will continue until March 18.

In his ‘Natures’ series, Yalçındağ’s technique creates ‘tree prints’ that overlap with a network of fine lines that take circular forms by printing painted wooden boards all over the canvas. The artist interprets these traces as traces of life and growth, bringing together worlds that seem like contradictions in his painting. Under the influence of Andy Warhol, large plant motifs applied as silk-screen prints on the canvas background add a different dimension to Yalçındağ’s works.

In addition to the “Natures” series produced with different techniques in 2023, the exhibition mainly includes Yalçındağ’s new works and new series that have not been seen before, and are also presented to art enthusiasts. ‘Infinity’ series and geometric works meet the audience for the first time at Sevil Dolmacı Istanbul. In his works that present a unique world to his viewers, the artist uses wood and silk-screen printing and oil painting techniques combined with miniature brushes.

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