Ela Excellence Resort Belek was chosen as the Best Hotel in the World

Starway World Best Hotels Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the world tourism industry; Every year for 20 years, Coral Travel has been meeting with the owner of that year based on the experience evaluations of its guests.

Ela Excellence Resort Belek; In the Starway World Best Hotels Awards 23, which determines the best hotels in the world by statistical analysis of customer satisfaction surveys collected from 6249 hotels in 29 countries, it won the first prize in the “Best Hotel” category, as well as the top 5 best hotels in the world in the “Child Friendly Hotel” and “Environmentally Friendly Hotel” categories. It won an award by being included in the hotel list.

Stating his satisfaction with their success in the Coral Starway World Best Hotels Awards, Ela Excellence Resort Belek Tourism Coordinator Korhan Alşan said in his statement: “As the Ela Excellence Resort Belek Family, we are very excited to be ranked first in such an important award that has been rewarding our industry based on customer satisfaction on a regular basis for the last 20 years. The fact that our unique customer experience principle and perfect service approach at Ela Excellence Resort Belek, which was redesigned from its architecture to its concept in 2022, has been appreciated by those who choose us makes this award even more meaningful for us. “We are also happy to have been deemed worthy of awards in two separate categories, as a child and environmentally friendly hotel, which means a lot to us, in addition to the world’s best hotel award, at the award ceremony held by ITB in Berlin.”said.

Turkey Product Purchasing Senior Director Egemen Tunçel, Ela Excellence Resort Belek Tourism Coordinator Korhan Alşan, CT Group Central Europe Regional Executive Vice President Koray Çavdır

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