Elixir of Youth

Our skin hosts many microorganisms. Recent studies have proven that the secret to a youthful skin is having more moisture and stronger collagen and, more importantly, different good bacteria. MFM Age Stop Serum, a new addition to the MFM Age Stop series, focuses especially on the microbiota of the skin. When used regularly, the serum quickly renews the skin flora with the honey of these land bees that settled in the region north of the Alps after the last ice age and supports the renewal of the skin barrier.

Black Bee Ome is an elixir obtained by fermenting the honey of the black bee species, a rare and ancient honey bee. Referred to as “liquid gold” around the world, the highly resistant honey is produced in isolated mountain valleys of Switzerland and fermented with the Zymomonas mobilis bacteria.

The serum also includes the stem cell Malus Domestica, which helps skin cells have a longer lifespan, Argireline, which makes the skin look younger with the effect of synthetic botox, Panthenol and Pentavitin, which contribute to the repair of the skin and preservation of moisture, Vin Up Lift obtained from grape seeds, which actively stretches the skin, and It contains niacinamide.

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