Excitement at the Top: DAS 3917

Celebrating its fourth anniversary, mountain hotel DAS 3917 opened its doors for the 2024 winter season in the wonderful atmosphere of Mount Erciyes. Deniz Şahin, the founder of the hotel, explains DAS 3917, which contains all the natural wonders of Erciyes, with rooms designed inspired by the purity and brightness of the snow.

DAS 3917 has opened its doors again for the 2024 winter season. What surprises and innovations do you have for your guests this season?
It started off very well for the 2024 winter season. This is our 4th season, as every year, our innovations and surprise events in order to increase our service quality and guest experiences; We have exciting initiatives related to sports, gastronomy and art. We said hello to this season with a three-day festival-like party where fun reached its peak with DAS Wintermania, and then we made an unforgettable start to the new year with a wonderful weekend at DAS New Year Weekend. In March, we will host Istanbul’s most popular nightclub, Klein, with its most popular DJs. There will be live performances of Simge Eğrilmez, Özlem Başar and surprise names under the umbrella of our two new concepts, Meyhane Weekends, and DAS Live in February. Additionally, this season, in line with our collaboration with Muse Contemporary, we will host the “Sense Of Snow” exhibition at DAS 3917 between 25 December and 30 March.

DAS 3917 has made a name for itself in recent years. Are you maintaining your bet this year and what kind of experience do you promise to your guests?
Our concept is actually the biggest feature that distinguishes us from other ski hotels. We offer our guests not only a ski holiday; We offer a magnificent “Lifestyle” ski holiday experience with the unique harmony of comfort, entertainment, art, gastronomy and sports. We are assertive in this regard this season, as in every season. The holiday experience combined with our entertaining events, art collection, rich food and cocktail menu will be unforgettable for our guests.

You also have a Spa & Wellness center in DAS 3917, where guests who come to ski can relax. Can you tell us the details of your Spa & Wellness service?
Our 750 m2 large and spacious Spa & Wellness center is a wonderful relaxation area that takes our guests’ experience to the next level. It includes a Turkish Bath, sauna, indoor swimming pool, massage and gym. This is a great complex for our guests who want to relieve the tiredness of the day or start the day fresh. Of course, our entire team in our SPA & Wellness center consists of experts in their fields. It is our priority for our guests to leave our SPA & Wellness center feeling satisfied and relaxed by providing high-level service in an area where every detail is carefully considered and designed for the comfort of our guests.

Can you tell us a little about the fun parties and events that await DAS 3917 guests this season?
Every season, we organize parties where entertainment is at its peak. We opened this season with the “DAS Wintermania” event, which was a 3-day festival-like event, where names such as Lehar, Avant-Garde Tabldot and Drumstone took the stage and workshops took place. Immediately afterwards, we said hello to 2024 with the “DAS New Year Weekend”, a weekend of fun and different events such as live music, jazz concerts, “Comedy Club” and workshops. We will host Istanbul’s famous nightclub KLEIN in March. Simge Eğrilmez, Özlem Başar and surprise artists will take the stage at DAS Live throughout February. We will provide our guests with unforgettable experiences throughout the season with events such as our new concept project “Meyhane Weekend”.

In addition to all the details about skiing; You are also very assertive in the fields of gastronomy, entertainment and art, so we cannot say that DAS 3917 is just a ski hotel. But the real question we are wondering is how did the idea of ​​bringing art to a ski hotel come about?
Yes, our aim is to offer our guests different experiences and leave them with unforgettable memories by moving away from the ordinary as much as possible. We owe the fact that DAS 3917 became so popular in a short time to this vision and claim. We wanted to offer an environment where our guests could enjoy all aspects of life, along with sports, entertainment, comfort and gastronomy, and art was an indispensable part of this. For this reason, we took steps to develop and strengthen our collaborations in the field of art, considering that it is essential for DAS 3917, which demonstrates its difference in every field, to integrate with art.

Can you tell us about the art activities that will take place in DAS 3917 this season?
In the 2024 season, we are hosting a wonderful exhibition in collaboration with Muse Contemporary between 25 December and 30 March. ”Sense Of Snow” is from the works of artists such as Alea Pınar Du Pre, Alex Petunin, Artem Martis, Canan Savaş, Kübra Doğu, Laurence Jenk, Lithian Ricci, Paolo Campagnolo, Rahşan Düren, Sezin Aksoy, Sinan Polvan, Süha Derbent and Yasemin Vardarlılar An exhibition not to be missed, where snow meets art. In the wonderful atmosphere of Mount Erciyes, our source of inspiration would of course be snow. DAS 3917 and “Sense Of Snow” harmonized very well with each other. I recommend art lovers to visit the works in our Chalets, the lobby and DAS Apres.

“Our aim is to offer different experiences to our guests by moving away from the ordinary as much as possible and to leave them with unforgettable memories.”

Where does ”Sense Of Snow” get its inspiration and what kind of story does it present to art lovers? ”Sense Of Snow” takes its inspiration from the unique harmony of snow and the intuitive harmony of nature. With this exhibition, we bring together the magic touch of winter, art and nature in DAS 3917. “Sense Of Snow”, an exhibition that nourishes the soul by bringing together the fascinating beauty of nature and the inspiring power of art, will be one of the important elements of the unforgettable winter holiday experience we offer to our guests with the delicacy of snow and the depth of art.

What kind of season do you expect for ski enthusiasts this year? Will there be a profitable season in Erciyes?
This season started late, but our expectations are positive. The shift in seasons has caused the season to start late, but our expectations in terms of precipitation are high and the season may be extended. We expect plenty of snow again, as in previous years. It is also predicted that the winter will be harsh.

What kind of gastronomic experience do you aim to provide to your guests during the season? What are the changes in your menu? Do you have any newly added or changed recipes?
This season we have expanded our already popular menu. Gastronomy is already an area in which we are quite assertive. Although we generally add modern interpretations to Turkish cuisine, we also have plates where we add our own touches to various dishes of world cuisine. Giant Ravioli with Pistachio, Fish with Koruk Sauce, Lamb Shashlik are some of the unforgettable flavors for those who try it; Roasted Begendili Pizza and Truffle Lamb Neck Pita are the new favorites of the bakery. We believe that Dynamite Shrimp Burger and Peanut Butter Chicken Sando, which we added to the popular DAS Snacks menu this season, will be the favorites of our guests. We added a new signature cocktail called Figaro to our cocktail menu. This fig and hot cocktail was something we created as a team and loved very much, so we decided why not put it on the menu. This winter, Figaro will leave a wonderful taste on the palate with its fig taste, while warming the drinkers with its bitterness. Tahini and Yuzu Margarita, which we make with tahini, molasses and roasted sesame seeds, will also be among our favorites. PAS Shot, which we prepared with pineapple tea and which has been newly added to the menu, takes its name from rust, while Chocolita Shot, tequila with chocolate tea, will accompany the fun moments of the guests. We are making a difference in the field of gastronomy this winter with our rich food and alcohol menu.

Sustainability and healthy lifestyle concepts are very popular. Do you use seasonal ingredients from local producers?
Sustainability is a very important issue for us. We have environmentally friendly initiatives in DAS 3917. We have initiatives such as reducing plastic use, encouraging recycling and reducing our kitchen waste. For our meals, it is our priority to source seasonal products from local producers whom we trust in terms of health and taste.

Those who have a healthy lifestyle or are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. Are there alternative options in your menu for guests with different nutritional styles?
The advantages of being located in a very valuable city for gastronomy like Kayseri also emerge here. Since we are a young and dynamic hotel, we are able to master differences and rising trends and adapt quickly. It is a very important mission for us to meet the expectations and needs of each of our guests as much as possible. We work hard to make all our guests feel comfortable in DAS 3917. We expanded our menu by adding innovative and healthy plates to the DAS FIT section of our menu; Thus, we offer many alternatives to our guests with special nutrition programs with our healthy and fit products. We also made additions to our salad menu. Thus, we want to please both our guests who pay attention to their health and fitness, and our guests who want to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, by offering as innovative and extensive a menu as possible. Health and staying fit is one of our most important issues in our ski hotel concept. Our guests will enjoy our vegan and fit plates such as Leek Confit, Celery Confit, Asian Sauce Wrap, Cauliflower Steak. We try to offer many delicious alternatives to both our vegetarian/vegan diet and our fit-food guests.

“The most important thing for us is that our guests leave DAS 3917 with happy experiences.”

What amenities and services are available in your rooms to maximize the comfort of your guests?
Rooms and Chalets are special spaces that we created by carefully considering every detail when installing the DAS 3917. Because the most important part of a holiday is actually comfort. An uncomfortable bed or an uncomfortable room can ruin your holiday. We would never want this to happen. We carefully considered every detail in our rooms and chalets and designed them according to possible needs. Especially Chalets are our signature. Each Chalet has a large living area of ​​82 m2 in total, including 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a reclining sofa in our living room. Chalets with mezzanine floors and fireplaces accommodate up to 6 people. A unique experience awaits our guests in the Chalets, which have balconies with unique mountain or lake views and are decorated with very special works from our “Sense Of Snow” exhibition, which we hosted in our hotel this season. There is a direct elevator from the Chalets to the event area and it only works with the Chalet key, no one else can go up to the Chalet floor. We also have a 24-hour butler service for chalets, you can order whenever you want.

How do you track your guests’ feedback about the hotel to increase their satisfaction? What do you do to constantly improve yourself?
Our guests’ happiness is reflected quickly on social media. We are a hotel that uses social media very actively, we examine and take into account the shares and comments. Thanks to our guests, they show us their satisfaction in a very nice way, by thanking us as they leave, and in social media channels and comments. Again, when there is something missing based on guests’ comments, we take action quickly to see how we can fix it. It is most important for us that our guests leave DAS 3917 with happy experiences.

What are your future plans and growth targets for DAS 3917? What unforgettable experience goals do you have for your guests in the coming years?
We always have goals, the first step to success is to set goals. We are a team that achieves our goals one by one and sets new goals. We have already set our goals for this year and the coming years. First of all, our goal this year is to provide our guests with the ski and entertainment experience at the highest level with our Chalet concepts, especially with the innovations we have made on the Apres side. We also want to maximize the guest experience by making our original concepts more innovative and developed. But our most important goal is always to keep guest satisfaction at the highest level. Our goal for the guest satisfaction rate is to never fall below 95%. In this context, we aim to keep our occupancy rate at 80% throughout the season. Also outside the hotel; We want to be the most important entertainment and meeting point of Erciyes Ski Center with our expanding indoor area, our newly opened Starbucks building and the events we will hold in our Apres area. For the coming years, we want to expand our building, which houses the Chalets in our Apres area, towards the terrace area next to us and turn it into a direct ski-in / ski-out hotel with 20-25 rooms, with its own spa area. We would also like to add our little new surprise concepts to the Apres area. One of our main goals is for DAS Apres to become a great entertainment and activity point in itself.

What advice can you give to new entrepreneurs who want to get into the hotel industry?
Hotel management is a very difficult but very fun and inclusive industry. It may be a bit intimidating, especially for young entrepreneurs, but it is a business that can be run perfectly with determination, hard work and most importantly, a professional team. I would very much like the tourism sector, and especially the ski sector, to develop and increase competition in our country. Competition drives us to be better. I hope we will have the opportunity to see young people in the industry more often. In my opinion, the most important thing we need to do as a sector is to make the experience of our guests more special with more innovative and original ideas. Nowadays, the understanding of hotel management in the world has changed from just accommodation to creating a collective experience. In this respect, I think we need to move away from the classical hotel perception and always create more innovative and special experiences. I believe that only in this way can we develop hotel management and tourism both in our region and in our country.

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