Gucci Cosmos Exhibition Will Open in Japan

Gucci Cosmos, a state-of-the-art archival exhibition of the most iconic designs from over 100 years of Gucci history, continues to tour the world. Following success in Shanghai in April and London in October 2023, the next iteration will open in October 2024 at the Kyocera Museum in Kyoto, Japan’s sister city to Florence in Italy. This exhibition is both a love letter to Gucci’s Florentine roots and a tribute to his enduring creativity; invites visitors on a fun journey back and forth through the decades, while celebrating its deep connection with Kyoto.

As a traveling exhibition, Gucci Cosmos takes the house’s heritage and craftsmanship around the world, opening the doors of the Gucci Archive in Florence and highlighting how storied pieces and emblems have been woven over time. Just as other stops highlight their contextual cities, this stop will feature special narratives and elements that reflect Kyoto and Japan’s own vibrant history of tradition and innovation.

Florence, Italy, the founding city of Gucci, has had a sister city relationship with Kyoto since 1965. As part of its centennial celebrations in 2021, Gucci will be exhibiting under the title “Gucci in Kyoto”, which will include exhibitions at the Kiyomizudera Temple, registered as a World Heritage Site, the Ninna-ji Temple built in the 9th century, townhouses in the center of Kyoto and the historical city center. carried out a project. Through these projects, Gucci pays homage to Kyoto, a city where tradition and innovation coexist in various ways. Deepening this bond, Kyoto is now the home of Gucci Cosmos in Japan.

Gucci in Kyoto, 2021

Gucci Cosmos showcases the brand’s multifaceted history, highlights its unwavering principles since its founding in 1921, and traces its ever-renewing inspirations and creativity. It explores how, for over a century, Gucci’s unwavering rules and spirit have been brought to life through its most iconic designs, and how these era-defining pieces have been forever inspired and reinterpreted by the brand’s visionaries.

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