Happy People Project is at the Super Bowl Again

Happy People Project Global and branded content agency Circus are taking part in the SuperBowl, the final match of the American football league, where brands show off with their most extraordinary works in America, with the campaign they created for Finish America. Happy People Project Global continues to successfully represent the Turkish advertising industry in the world by winning the competition, which it entered for the second time this year, together with the branded content agency Circus.

In the Finish Dish League, where regional dishes developed by Circus, which creates sustainable content platforms for brands, and developed with experienced producer Todd Cohen, compete, the audience also provides interactive participation in the process. In Happy People Project Global’s campaign film, shot with Depo Film, regional dishes with tough stains face each other like American football teams compete in the SuperBowl. At the end of the campaign, the winners of the Finish Dish League are determined and rewarded by a draw.

The SuperBowl campaign launched by Happy People Project last year was included in the selection of Adweek editors, one of the most prestigious publications in the advertising world, and achieved serious success with 200 million views.

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