Hello to Gigi Hadid’s “Lazy Girl Bob” Cut!

Gigi Hadid is now a bob girl!

Hadid and celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan shared a video celebrating her brand-new hair transformation and showing the process from start to finish. In the video, adapted to Loretta Lynn’s song “Act Naturally”, McMillan cuts the 28-year-old model’s long blonde hair into a short French bob.

While many celebrities opt for voluminous styles like the ’90s supermodel bob and baroque bob, Hadid’s cut is shorter… It falls right in the middle of her neck; It involves fewer layers and much less blow drying.

At the end of the clip, McMillan shows off the messy cut’s artfully wavy ends, with slightly longer, face-framing layers. This look screams “lazy girl” hair in the best way possible. It looks like it requires very little daily styling, it’s possible to get a gorgeous look with a little texturizing spray…

If you recognize McMillan’s name, it’s probably because she’s the celebrity stylist behind Jennifer Aniston’s famous ’90s cut known as “The Rachel.”

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