High Jewelery Heritage: Boucheron “The Power of Couture”

Hello precious jewelery enthusiasts! Our topic is Boucheron’s fascinating collection “The Power of Couture”! This collection was designed by Claire Choisne, creative director of Maison Boucheron, and has a truly impressive story…

Claire Choisne created this collection inspired by Frédéric Boucheron’s haute couture legacy. “The Power of Couture” was designed with inspiration from ceremonial wear. The collection features 24 masterpieces using the magical combination of gem-cut crystals and diamonds to transform traditional ornaments into modern and elegant high jewellery.

The essence of couture lies at the heart of Boucheron’s story, which is embodied in the roots of couture. Louis Boucheron, father of the Maison’s founder, began his career as a draper in Paris in 1817. As the business developed, in 1822 he specialized in silk, and in 1837 he worked in lace, a rare and valuable material. Growing up in this rich environment shaped Frédéric Boucheron’s approach to jewelery creation, born in 1830. He worked extraordinarily with gold and stones, sharing a common quest for delicate and flexible ornamentation. As a result, couture-inspired items appeared throughout the 19th century.

“The Power of Couture” collection is full of couture elements, from ribbons to braids, from grosgrain strips to tassels… Let’s take a look at the main pieces of this collection…


In this jewelery line, Claire Choisne pays homage to the ribbon, a symbolic couture element that has endured through time. It combines the matte effect of matted rock crystal with the sparkle of diamonds and modifies the shine of the grosgrain ribbon. The necklace consists of 435 matte-cut rock crystals, each hand-cut and placed in a white gold frame. The ribbon edges and inside are covered with diamonds; A 4.05-carat pear-shaped F VVS2 diamond shines at its center. The necklace can be worn in a variety of ways and includes a detachable section; This section can be worn as a bracelet or turned into a brooch or shoulder ornament.


15 pendants designed as necklaces combine white gold, stone-cut crystals and diamonds to create a fascinating look. The medallion, edged with two diamonds shaped from crystal blocks, is designed to be detachable from the necklace and worn as a brooch on the collar of the jacket.


Items used to widen the shoulders and emphasize the body structure… Claire Choisne reinterprets epaulettes as diamond spirals covered in white gold. These are designed to adorn not only the shoulders but also the wrists.


Aiguillette is a modern interpretation of a braided cord that adorns ceremonial garments. This necklace, made of white gold, stone-cut crystals and diamonds, can be worn in different ways. It contains two brooches and a frosted stone crystal bracelet; These are detachable and can be worn separately.


This necklace is designed like a stone-cut crystal mesh that reflects the mesh pattern. It features a button covered with diamond sets and stone-cut crystal. A matching cuff bracelet is also available, which is very stylish!

Lace Inspiration

Inspired by Frédéric Boucheron’s love of nature and the form of ferns, a plant he loved very much, these two leaves, all encrusted with diamonds on white gold, appear to have been shaped by the wind. They can be used to embellish a piece of clothing or turn them into shiny hair accessories.


Claire Choisne created a precious style piece from 15 white gold buttons covered with diamonds and rock crystal. This design can be used as a hair ornament to suit your clothing style and mood; It can be used in the button hole or on the tie. These buttons are another example of Maison Boucheron’s expertise in innovation and craftsmanship in jewellery.

With “The Power of Couture” collection, Boucheron combines its long and rich history with high fashion, on the one hand, and brings together the timeless elegance of jewelery with modern design and craftsmanship. On the one hand, it pioneers a new chapter in fashion history by showcasing the versatility of high jewellery. It reflects the belief that jewelery is an accessory that can be enjoyed not only for special occasions but also in daily life.

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