Lego is on the Streets to Inspire Girls!

While the Lego Group remains committed to motivating girls to develop their talents and pursue their dreams, it also encourages parents to prioritize play, which is critical for children’s development. In order to inspire girls and emphasize the importance of play, the Lego company is on the streets of Nişantaşı with giant Lego minifigures bearing the sentences of women such as Eda Erdem, Doğa Rutkay, Burcu Erenkul and Leyan Senay, who walk determinedly on the path they want and develop their talents for the place they dream of!

Girls spend less time on creative activities than boys

According to the research conducted by Kantar Research company and Lego Group in six countries, including Turkey, most parents believe that choosing the right hobbies and interests for their children will have a positive impact on their future. According to data compiled from the countries included in the research, 34% of parents cause their children to move away from some hobbies or interests. The main reason for this dissuasion appears to be gender. On the other hand, the research shows that girls spend less time on creative activities than boys. Girls engage in creative activities for nine hours a week and boys for 10.5 hours. A difference of 1.5 hours corresponds to extracurricular activity time in a school day, and on a monthly basis, it corresponds to a full school day.

The research, which shows how much time children spend on creative activities, also reveals that girls have to struggle with more obstacles to creative activities than boys. Because girls receive less support from their parents or their environment in this regard. With 7.5 hours per week, Turkey is the country where girls are least involved in creative activities among the six countries. This is exactly why Lego Group acts with the mission of inspiring girls all over the world to spend more time on creative activities and encouraging families to prioritize play. This global mission has now turned into a collective call on the streets of Nişantaşı, where influential women in their own fields invite girls to pursue their passions through the giant minifigures of the Lego brand.

Eda Erdem, Doğa Rutkay, Burcu Erenkul and Leyan Senay have a message for the girls!

Strong women who have achieved success in their own fields by breaking gender stereotypes, such as Turkish Volleyball Women’s A National and Fenerbahçe SK Women’s Volleyball Team Captain Eda Erdem, Actress Doğa Rutkay, Turkey’s Youngest Women’s Rally Champion Burcu Erenkul and Drummer Leyan Senay, are carried by Lego minifigures. She inspires girls with her sentences. The sentences written by these four women themselves and carried by the iconic minifigures of the LEGO brand will be exhibited on the streets of Nişantaşı until the evening of Tuesday, November 7.

A National and Fenerbahçe SK Women’s Volleyball Team Captain Eda Erdem: “You can stop those who say you can’t do it with your blocks.” Because girls’ ability to realize their dreams in line with their own abilities and wishes, without being affected by external factors, can contribute more to society. “We only need our own strength and passion for everything we want to do, we can block everything else and move forward.”

Actress Doğa Rutkay: “As an actor, I have taken on many different roles on stage. The same goes for life. As a woman, I have multiple roles. We don’t have to be perfect at all of them, but we can play any role we want. The important thing is what we want, that’s exactly why I tell the girls, ‘You don’t have just one role in life, every role is yours if you want.'”

Burcu Erenkul, Turkey’s Youngest Female Rally Champion: “It is not easy to exist and prove yourself in a field dominated by men. But the moment I get on stage, the world is mine, I can do anything at that moment. It doesn’t matter whether I am a man or a woman, it only matters how I feel. “I tell the girls, ‘You are at the wheel, you choose the path you want,’ because life is our life and we can turn it in the direction we want.”

Drummer Leyan Senay: “I say that I am also involved in the music world, especially in an instrument like drums, which is mostly identified with men. Because the excitement I experience when I pick up the drumsticks and my passion for this instrument have no gender. Being a woman playing the drums means breaking down prejudices in itself. Come on. “Girls, let’s hit the drums strong like girls, let’s pursue our dreams freely. Remember, ‘Drummers break drumsticks, drummer girls break their chains.'”

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