Les Benjamins Autumn-Winter 2024 Collection: Eastern Punk

“Eastern Punk” brings together the naked essence of punk with the finely crafted patterns and deep-rooted stories of Turkish culture. The collection, which is a salute to Tünay Akdeniz, the legendary name of the 1970s Turkish punk scene, boldly blends traditional motifs and modern silhouettes. From pleated skirts to distressed detailed outerwear, various pieces of the collection were designed with a unisex approach, without adhering to society’s gender rules.

In the collection where Turkish culture and Punk meet in its DNA, nails, zippers and loose textures, symbols of punk culture, combine the collection with the exciting pulse of the underground music scene. Patch embellishments and safety pins on Drainpipe jeans and suits emphasize the defiant atmosphere of punk. Beyond clothing, this collection offers a rebellious sense of fashion by combining the traditional with the avant-garde.

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