Les Benjamins Spring-Summer 2024 Collection: ‘Kısmet Voyage East To West’

Istanbul-based luxury streetwear brand LES BENJAMINS’ Spring Summer 2024 collection ‘Kısmet Voyage East to West’ was introduced as part of Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The collection, inspired by the brand’s founder and creative director Bünyamin Aydın, from Turkey’s rich cultural heritage, creates a challenging diversity by combining comfort, futurism and functionality.

The new collection, titled ‘Kısmet Voyage East to West’, pays tribute to Sadun Boro, the first Turkish amateur sailor to sail around the world on a sailing ship. Inspired by Sadun Boro’s journey and named after his beloved sailing boat ‘Kısmet-Fortune’, Les Benjamins Spring/Summer 2024 collection reflects the famous sailor’s high performance, strong sailing ability and effort to be the best.

Just like Boro’s legendary journey, Les Benjamins’ new collection tours the world from East to West, taking its wearers on a unique journey from the beginning of the race to the anticipated final award ceremony. The collection features a range of items that combine avant-garde pieces with nautical details and tailoring, blending futuristic touches with a weathered, nostalgic aesthetic.

In the first part of the collection, which is divided into two parts, lightweight nylon fabrics, worn leathers, denim tones and recycled materials are used in designs inspired by the sail itself. Vintage oil painting posters and sailing recruitment advertisements are among the inspirations of the collection, which includes rope details, handmade macrame and modern cuts, adding a fun and interesting spirit to the collection.

The second part of Kısmet Voyage East to West, which features silk, tailoring fabrics and structured shapes, was designed as a tribute to the starry splendor of legendary sailboats. Tailored suits and multi-layered silhouettes balance the collection, while the vibrant color palette references the rich world of marine life and the ocean itself. Inspired by Sadun Boro and his personal passion for tailoring and fashion, the designs feature nostalgic fonts such as 60s serif designs and impactful prints inspired by the Morse code. Sophisticated, woven labels, metal branding elements and Les Benjamins’ signature tri-colour prints are also featured throughout the collection.

Les Benjamins Spring/Summer 2024 collection was introduced at the brand’s showroom in Paris in June 2023, as part of Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

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