Louis Vuitton Announces New Brand Ambassador

The young athlete, a rising star on the international sports scene and known as “Wemby” by his close circle, started his basketball career in his hometown, Nanterre, and rose through the regional rankings to make his debut for the French National Team in 2022. In his first season, he won titles such as Most Valuable Player, Best Young Player of the Year, Best Scorer and Best Shot Blocker. Considered one of the most important prospects in basketball history, Victor was selected with the 1st pick by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2023 NBA Draft and proved that he made the right decision by leading all newcomers in points, rebounds and steals, and the entire league in blocks.

Striving for excellence and constantly improving his basketball mastery, Victor joins Louis Vuitton on a journey of shared values ​​and aligned goals. Like Louis Vuitton himself, the young athlete is achieving great success by excelling at the beginning of his career.

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