Love in the Heart of Istanbul

Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet, with the fascinating atmosphere of the historical peninsula, and Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus, overlooking the unique view of the Bosphorus, celebrates Valentine’s Day with special and romantic content. On this special day, Four Seasons Istanbul hotels host a romantic and magnificent celebration in the heart of Sultanahmet and on the shores of the Bosphorus, making you experience the most beautiful form of love in the heart of Istanbul.

‘We Belong Together’ from Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet

Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet brings together taste and entertainment with the concept of ‘We Belong Together’ and offers a love story full of the magic of the historical peninsula. The venue and tables specially decorated for Valentine’s Day take romance to the top.

The Valentine’s Day menu, signed by Executive Chef Özgür Üstün, will be served at the hotel’s iconic restaurant, AVLU, and includes lobster tempura served with wasabi mayonnaise, rice puffs, beef tartar, sesame oil, galangal and lemongrass sauce. Red Mullet and Scallops with their special sauces, followed by Stracciatella cheese served with sugar beet, take the taste to the top. After the Sous Vide Cooked Beef Tenderloin, the dessert called ‘My Sweetheart’ combines white and dark chocolate and provides a romantic finish. While the performance designed for happy hours accompanied by live music between 19:30 and 22:30 increases the rhythm of hearts, guests carry the memories of this beautiful day home with a special gift.

Special Valentine’s Day themed tea service for pleasant breaks throughout the day, La Pistache products for an evening full of sweet surprises and special room gifts are among the contents offered by the hotel that make the day meaningful.

Discover Love in the Magic of the Bosphorus at Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus

Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus offers Valentine’s Day dinner at AQUA between 19:00-23:00. The menu, enriched with 5 types of seafood, brings love together with taste.

Enjoyable hours start with crab and caviar in the menu specially prepared for the day by Executive Chef Görkem Özkan and his team, and continue with lobster and turbot for the main course. The flavors are refreshed with capia pepper and cranberry sorbet and end with a wonderful dessert called ‘Swan’. The hotel, which has prepared a special menu for its vegan guests on this special night, starts with avocado & blackfish, continues with wild mushroom lasagna, hash browns with Aegean herbs and grilled root celery, and ends with quince dessert.

Aslı Güral’s delightful piano performance accompanies the delicious night that leaves a mark on the palate. Tables designed with romantic details bear the traces of love.

For Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet, you can contact 0212 402 30 00, and for Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus, you can contact 0212 381 40 00. You are invited to the dance of love!

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