Marks & Spencer Brings Inspiring Women Together

Not only their own world; Stylish, strong and successful women who change the world of other women they interact with came together in a special project for Women’s Day.

Digital Content Creator & Entrepreneur Meriç Küçük, Fashion Director and Style Consultant Ceylan Atınç, Actress Nil Keskin, Food Writer and TV Chef Selin Kutucular, Women’s National Taekwondo athlete Nur Tatar and Fiba Retail Group President Oya Sener are six successful women who have made a difference in different fields. The inspiring adventure started by these special women who are successful in different fields came together with a special project in which they aimed to touch all women. The stories of the symbolic women of the project, who guide the world with their courage and endurance, are a source of inspiration for everyone around them.

In order for this special project to inspire other women, AÇEV, which was the bridge in the journey to Marks and Spencer, took part as the social responsibility supporter of the project.

Marks & Spencer, as a brand that always supports AÇEV’s activities so that children can reach a safe, healthy and happy future; She emphasized that with this project, she strives to highlight the power of women through AÇEV on Women’s Day. By supporting AÇEV with the project, they were able to inspire more women.

There are special inspiring messages for Women’s Day from inspired women!
Oya Sener
“When entering working life, women should prefer companies that not only use equality of opportunity in their statements, but also give them responsibilities at management levels.”

Nil Keser
“Don’t give up, never stop fighting. “Listen to yourself, regardless of what others think.”

Ceylan Atınç
“No mistake you make in your education or career journey is in vain; make sure you learn from them and continue with diligence.”

Meric Küçük
“Women should be free to find themselves and not be afraid to try.”

Selin Kutucular
“Women should work hard without compromising their elegance or reducing their feminine energy.”

Nur Tatar
“If you want to break the routine of your life, write your own.”

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