Meghan Markle’s New Brand: American Riviera Orchard

Meghan Markle gives clues about the lifestyle brand she opened. The Duchess of Sussex launched the Instagram and website of her new brand, American Riviera Orchard. She then shared an Instagram Story showing herself in the kitchen.

The term American Riviera is a term used to describe the Santa Barbara region where Meghan and Harry live. Travel + Leisure explained why the area got its name, writing that Santa Barbara has been affectionately known as ‘The American Riviera’ for more than a century due to its mild climate, green landscapes and solid food culture.

Montecito, the city where Meghan and Harry have their home, is written below the brand name, directly below American Riviera Orchard’s logo. The brand’s Instagram account currently includes multiple posts reflecting the logo. There is no explanation in any of the posts.

The brand’s bio simply says it was founded by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex⁣⁣⁣ in 2024⁣⁣⁣. It also provides a link to a website where fans can sign up for the waiting list. Rumors of Meghan launching another lifestyle brand following The Tig have been circulating for a while.

The timing of American Riviera Orchard’s launch is interesting. This comes in the same week that the majority of news about the royal family focused on Kate Middleton and the altered UK Mother’s Day photo released by Kensington Palace.

Photo agencies (including the Associated Press) soon pulled the image due to manipulation. The Palace did not give them the original, unedited image, and Kate eventually admitted to editing the photo in a Kensington Palace statement and apologized for it.

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