Milan Fashion Week: Hogan Fall-Winter 2024-25 Collection

Fall/Winter 2024-25 marks Hogan’s exciting expansion into a global modern lifestyle brand. The iconic Hogan sneaker range of the season has been diversified, redesigned and improved. Now the ready-to-wear collection becomes the focal point for new bag designs and character-driven, urban-style culture designed through the luxury prism of the finest fabrics and leathers.

The contemporary Hogan era brings the energy and spirit of young Milano directly to the heart of the brand, taking it to the streets where elegance meets irreverence. Hogan is redefining itself with a new expression of casual chic, built on a wardrobe of ready-to-wear and reimagined archetypes.

Hogan’s collection takes its inspiration from 1986, the birthplace and year of the brand, as well as its rich archive. Combining the past with the present to create the future, Hogan embodies Milan’s wider cultural resurgence and a sense of the ‘now’ defined in equal measure by dynamism, effortless and timeless style. The collection is reflected in the logo of Hogan’s new ‘address’ – Via Monte Napoleone, 5, which celebrates Milan and its people while also bringing a sense of time and place to sneaker, bag designs and ready-to-wear details.

HOGAN Autumn Winter 2024/25 collection presentation held within the scope of Milan Fashion Week


Milan’s iconic texture and color palette – terrazzo, marble, concrete and industrial metal – are embedded into ready-to-wear and street-style archetypes made luxe using the finest cashmere, virgin wool, nappa leather and double-spun shower-repellent cotton. Sneakers, ready-to-wear and bags come together to create total look silhouettes that are both streamlined and sensual.

The iconic Hogan sneaker range has been diversified, redesigned and enhanced. Standout designs include The Hogan Skyscraper, a modernized, ultra-platform version of the archetypal tennis shoe that takes both your look and you higher on the city skyline – The Hogan 86er, a modern take on popular runners from Hogan’s birth year; Subtly rolled for vintage appeal, the Hogan Hi-Fi – a designed sneaker that nods to ’80s sports iconography with its technical embellishments, iconic ‘Big H’ motif and ultra-platform sole.

HOGAN Autumn Winter 2024/25 collection presentation held within the scope of Milan Fashion Week

Hogan FW24 collection bag designs include a renewed interpretation of The Script Bag from the brand’s archive. Crafted in modern exaggerated proportions, with signature H-stitching details, and offered in flexible leather in both mini and maxi sizes, the bag also takes its place in the collection as a unisex XL tote bag with cotton-feeling canvas for raw tactility and the new ‘address’ logo.

In addition to reinterpreted iconic designs of the past, new silhouettes made of super light, soft, ‘puffy’ Nappa leather stand out in the collection. In addition to the classic ‘boot bag’ of the 80s, the ‘cushion-cornetto’ bag is offered in a rich palette of dark chocolate and cappuccino.

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