Miu Miu’s First Literature Club

Miu Miu introduces the Miu Miu Literature Club, the latest in a series of cultural experiences designed and supported to promote the arts. Called “Writing Life,” the club is designed to further promote both Miu Miu’s identity and an understanding of history and education, as well as discourses that are central to the lives of women today.

The event, which will last for two days in Milan, brings the works of Sibilla Aleramo and Alba De Céspedes into focus again, while further reinforcing Miu Miu’s commitment to contemporary thought with interviews, live performances and various entertainments.

Inspired by Europe’s rich literary halls and artistic heritage, this event, which reflects the past and present lives of women through words, will take place between 3-9 pm at Circolo Filologico Milano on April 17-18.

Miu Miu Literature Club highlights Aleramo’s “A Woman”, first published in 1906, and De Céspedes’ “Forbidden Notebook”, published in 1952. Both works have allowed women to express their thoughts, desires and ideologies for centuries. In addition to demonstrating the creative power of writing, the works speak to female independence and inspire current and future generations to do the same

Curated by Olga Campofreda, writer and researcher on Italian culture, language and literature, there will be a series of panel discussions and performances based on the words of groundbreaking writers, as well as conversations about ideas focusing on women’s position in society, including family, motherhood and work.

Contemporary writers and commentators who talk about their daily and creative lives will interact with the great literary teachers of the past, allowing their legacies to enrich the future. Panelists include 2000 Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri, Italian writer and Strega award finalist Claudia Durastanti, popular author Sheila Heti, 2011 Campiello Opera Prima award winner Italian author Viola Di Grado, Booker Prize-listed author Selby Wynn Schwartz, and Chinese-British novelist and memoirist. and filmmaker Xiaolu Guo, winner of the 2017 National Book Critics Circle Award. The panels will be moderated by author and curator Lou Stoppard and author, presenter and journalist Zing Tsjeng. On both days, impressive poems and readings will be performed along with live musical performances in the afternoon of the program.

Registrations to participate in the Miu Miu Literature Club can be made on miumiu.com starting from April 6th.

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