Modern Dynamism

Sandro Spring-Summer 2024 collection reflects the wardrobe of cosmopolitan women whose energy is a combination of different styles. Silhouettes are shaped by a contrasting effect and a combination of volumes.

Modern designs that offer a dynamic look from start to finish stand out in Sandro’s new collection. Short jackets, form-fitting blouses and wide trousers are among the iconic designs of the collection. Frilly dresses with meticulous handwork add movement to the dynamic look of the Sandro woman.

Black and white, which come to mind when it comes to the feminine style of the 90s, combined with soft grays, reflect the discipline of college uniforms. Shiny stones complement the clothes designed with denim and jersey fabrics that can be worn at any time of the day, from day to night. Summer is embodied in colorful clothes with Sandro; The color palette, evoking the cycles of the sun, dazzles the eyes. Paisley pattern reflecting Indian influences comes to life in the iconic pieces of the collection. Crochet sets create a contrasting effect with satin softness blended with metallic flowers.

Sandro Spring-Summer 2024 men’s collection has a more stylish silhouette this season.

The selection, ranging from single-button loose-fitting blazer jackets to body-fitting double-breasted jacket designs, attracts attention with meticulous workmanship details, while the use of a tie offers a stylish look.

Navy blue, light blue, brown, fibrous ecru, black, lavender, anise, water green, sandy beige and earth tones include a wide range of colors in the new collection. Sandro design studio offers an exclusive repertoire by combining the basic elements in the brand’s DNA with materials such as pure wool, cotton gabardine and viscose.

Suits, jackets and loose shirts offer a timeless style with simple cuts. Floral patterns, each reflecting a work of art, take their place in the collection in different sizes. The crochet sweater, with a large fractal-like spiral in the center that attracts attention with its hypnotic effect, attracts attention as the most iconic piece of the collection.

Staying true to his commitment to the Mediterranean coast, Sandro’s wardrobe is inspired by the “Balearic Islands”. Sandro offers a warm summer to his man with silhouettes that reflect a fresh summer atmosphere.

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