Moisturizing Cleansing Routine

You can make or break the right routine with your choice of face wash. Plant-based natural cleansing foam “MFM Nutra Face Foam Cleansing Foam” offers a holistic cleansing experience by combining the power of patented ingredients and natural oils to leave your skin feeling nourished, refreshed and beautifully moisturized.

The cleansing foam, which is very rich in hydration, works in harmony with herbal extracts to lock in moisture and acts as a powerful antioxidant. While it eliminates dirt and excess sebum from the pores, it effectively revitalizes the skin by leaving a moist feeling behind.

Designed with nearly 10 botanical extracts, the reason why MFM Nutra Face Foam Cleansing Foam is one of the most popular face washes and is often recommended by leading dermatologists is that it does not tighten the skin; making you feel moist and nourished…

What makes MFM Nutra Face Foam Cleansing Foam, which gently cleans all the dirt on the skin, moisturizes and is full of antioxidant-rich ingredients, so effective is the lavender, pumpkin seed extract, purslane root extract, juniper berry extract and of course witch hazel. Witch hazel, also known as hamamelis virginiana, is one of the most valuable plants used to eliminate skin defects such as sunburn and dryness since the 1800s.

Salvia officinalis leaf, also known as sage, which takes MFM Nutra Face Foam Cleansing Foam beyond a classic cleanser and stands out with its antioxidant properties, and centella asiatica leaf extract (Kaplana herb leaves), which soothes the skin and increases the skin’s renewal rate with the hyaluronic acid it contains.

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