Nature Meets High Jewelery Art

Gucci’s latest luxury jewelery campaign, unveiled in Milan and featuring Daria Werbowy, reflects the brand’s craftsmanship and artistic vision. Spearheaded by Creative Director Sabato De Sarno and shot by David Sims at the iconic Chateau Marmont, the campaign introduces the “Gucci Allegoria” collection, filled with transformations of nature expressed through extraordinary jewelery design.

An allegory of the cycle of the four seasons, Gucci Allegoria showcases an array of exquisite antique and rare gemstones, including old-mine European cut stones reminiscent of the art deco period. These stones, hand-cut from 1890 to 1930, present a kaleidoscope of emotions with their larger surfaces and subtle colours. The designs highlight a multitude of gemstones in bold, rich hues. Details highlight pieces that capture the essence of joy and the vibrancy of life.

Unique cuts ranging from fanny to briolette, paisley and kite shapes further enhance the collection’s appeal, combining Gucci’s creative flair with a nod to the ever-changing beauty of nature.

The campaign focuses on the narrative of elegance and an ode to the ephemeral beauty of nature, in line with Gucci’s consistent sense of luxury and sophistication.

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