New Collaboration from L’Occitane and Six Dots Foundation for the Blind

L’Occitane, which is determined to make a difference not only in beauty but also in the world, respects people and nature, and raises awareness by collaborating with non-governmental organizations.

Aria Maria Loberti, this year’s global brand ambassador; visually impaired actress, writer, academic and human rights activist. L’Occitane Marketing Director, Neslihan Demirkaya; “I cannot think of a more appropriate user comment than Aria sharing her experiences after using our products.” says.

L’Occitane Marketing Director, Neslihan Demirkaya, explained the brand’s work and new projects as follows: “Working with the Six Dots Foundation for the Blind since 2018, including the L’Occitane Foundation, L’Occitane Turkey and our users here, L’Occitane’s The global project “Caring For Sight” was our first collaboration with the Six Dots Foundation for the Blind. Here, L’Occitane’s global goal was to provide eye examination and care services to 10 million people by 2022. This goal has been achieved! Our new goal is to provide eye examination and care services to 20 million people by 2025. Within the scope of this project, free examination support was provided to 15 thousand people in Turkey.

We have a new collaboration with the Foundation for 2024. This time, in addition to fighting preventable blindness by working with two different female artists, we also refer to the principle of “respect for mastery”, another value of L’Occitane. Artist Göksu Gül and fashion designer Çiğdem Akın designed two different works for L’Occitane Turkey. Göksu refers to the beauties of nature with the image of a rabbit sitting on an apple made of mosaic mirrors, while Çiğdem Akın, in the dress she designed for us, symbolizes the difficulties that life presents us and the need to survive despite all the negativities with calendula flowers against these difficulties.

L’Occitane Marketing Director, Neslihan Demirkaya

As L’Occitane Turkey, we aim to sell the works of these two designers through auction. We wish to donate the proceeds from its sale to the Six Dots Foundation for the Blind. These works will be on sale until June. Anyone who wants to buy or make an offer can contact us at [email protected] for detailed information.

When we first met with the content and artists for this project, we were very excited as a team. The issue of preventable blindness is important to us, we want to draw people’s attention to this issue. I was very impressed when I first visited Six Dots Foundation for the Blind; They carry out studies on the education, rehabilitation, social integration, prevention of blindness and problems of visually impaired and blind people. “Thanks to the accumulation of all these experiences and the fact that L’Occitane is a very special brand, it is very meaningful for me to be able to support them by making long-term collaborations.”

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