New Commercial Film from Dynavit Reminding the Power of Women

The new commercial of Eczacıbaşı’s brand Dynavit, which gives a message of unity and support to women, is on air! The commercial aired with the jingle #basaracaksabasaracak; It gives a message of support to all women who are brave, do not give up, are self-confident and succeed together.

Dynavit, in its new commercial film prepared in cooperation with Eczacıbaşı Sports Club, which has been a supporter of women’s volleyball since 1966; She emphasizes that she is always with them as the biggest supporter of our women who overcome all difficulties with their determination and courage.

The movie begins with Eczacıbaşı Women’s Volleyball Team player Elif Şahin using the serve that will bring the match point on the field. Women who work with determination in completely different sectors, are self-confident and believe in themselves, are brave, do not give up, support each other and find the support they are looking for in Dynavit are on the screen. In the movie, which continues with the song “If He Will Success, He Will Success”, which was specially adapted for the campaign, Elif Şahin gets the match point and while she is experiencing the joy of winning with her teammate Beyza Arıcı; All successful women pose together on the field to win.

Dynavit, which is the name sponsor of Eczacıbaşı Sports Club, which made our country proud with the World Championship it won this season and showed the power of women, believes in the power of women and supports them wholeheartedly.

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