New ELLE Beauty Box Released!

Women’s Day Special ELLE Beauty Box is on sale. It contains Benefit Fan Fest Mini Mascara, Neva Beach Vibes Sea Salt Spray, Emotion Invisible Fresh Roll-On, Cosmed Alight Fluid 50+ Sun Cream, Beauty & More Amethyst Purple Cloud Face Washing Gel, La Fann Secret Garden Hand Cream, Mini Pastel Daylong Lipcolor. ELLE Beauty Box, which includes Kissproof – Liquid Matte Lipstick, Note 3 in 1 Healthy Skin Moisturizer, and Pastel Nail Polish, is 499 TL + VAT instead of 2755 TL. (598.80 TL Including VAT) You can buy ELLE Beauty Box here now.

Here are the details of the products included in the ELLE Beauty Box:

Benefit Fan Fest Mini Mascara

Make your eyelashes stand out by separating them one by one with Fan Fest volume, volume and lifting effect mascara. Fan Fest’s exclusive Full-Flex Fiber brush has a 40° angle that lifts lashes from root to tip and reaches corner to corner. The special brush that grasps the eyelashes ensures that the product reaches each eyelash evenly. Thanks to the formula that does not create a feeling of weight, the mascara maintains its permanence and does not cause clumping or shedding. Thanks to the flexible fibers contained in the formula, eyelashes become clear without becoming hard.

Neva Beach Vibes Sea Salt Spray 200ml

Neva Beach Vibes Sea Salt Spray helps you create natural beach waves in your hair. It nourishes, moisturizes and provides natural shine to the hair. It shapes your hair with a light hold and prevents frizz. Protects against heat. It gives fullness and volume. Neva Beach Vibes Sea Salt Spray, which creates a beach wave effect on hair that is salt-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free and paraben-free, instantly makes the hair feel the soft “waves from the sea” texture. Apply the product, which has high heat protection up to 230 °C, on wet hair. Natural and messy. To create waves, you can spray equal amounts on your damp or dry hair and shape it with your hands.

Emotion Invisible Fresh Roll-On, Main Size

The renewed roll-on series of Turkey’s best-selling deodorant brand Emotion continues to be the choice of women who are not afraid of sweating.
The new Emotion roll-on series, which draws attention with its formula that does not contain aluminum and contains 97 percent natural origin extracts, met with the consumers. The new roll-on series, which is an environmentally friendly product with its 100 percent recyclable packaging, is also preferred by users with vegan sensitivities. The renewed Emotion roll-on stands out with its rapid drying and allowing the skin to breathe.

Cosmed Alight Fluid 50+ Sun Cream 30 ML

Water-resistant sunscreen with organic filter content, specially developed for stained and blemish-prone skin, which helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of UVA-UVB and visible light such as staining.

Beauty & More Amethyst Purple Cloud Face Washing Gel 250 ML

Amethyst stone, a unique gift of nature, is now one step closer to perfecting your skin care ritual. The exfoliating effect of the minerals of the amethyst stone is combined with the sulfate-free structure of ‘Amethyst Purple Cloud Facial Cleanser’. Purifying the skin from daily stress and pollution, ‘Purple Cloud Facial Cleanser’ gently cleanses the skin without drying it. The sulfate-free cleanser makes oily and acne-prone skin look smooth and vibrant. The product eliminates excess oil and make-up residue accumulated in skin pores and prevents the formation of blackheads. Balancing the sebum secretion in the skin, the product balances the skin flora while controlling excess oil production.

La Fann Secret Garden Hand Cream 30 ML

Secret Garden Hand Cream has an intense concentration designed to deliver the best scent, depending on its formulation. While it creates a moist, silky soft feeling in your hands, Secret Garden’s fresh citrus scent that revitalizes your senses takes your hand care routine to the next level.

Mini Pastel Daylong Lipcolor Kissproof – Liquid Matte Lipstick 43

Pastel Daylong Matte Liquid Lipstick, which does not smear with its no-transfer feature, lasts up to 10 hours. With its waterproof formula, it is resistant to water, heat, sweat and humidity. It has a smooth and light texture that provides comfortable use all day long with its non-drying liquid formula. Pastel Daylong Matte Liquid Lipstick series, consisting of the most trendy colors, allows you to achieve fuller, glamorous lips with its intense matte finish. In 2017, it received the “Product of the Year” and “Best Lip Product of the Year” awards from Watsons Turkey. Vegan, cruelty-free, halal and dermatologically tested. It does not contain paraben and gluten.

Note 3 in 1 Healthy Skin Moisturizer, Main Size

3 in 1 Healthy Skin Moisturizer offers three effects in one product. It evens skin tone, moisturizes and effectively protects the skin against UVA/UVB rays with SPF 50 protection. It provides a natural and bright appearance with its light structure. It helps the skin look brighter and healthier with its formula enriched with chamomile extract, a powerful antioxidant.

Pastel Nail Polish 130, Main Size

Pastel Nail Polish lasts up to 6 days and offers superior color coverage on the first coat. It provides easy and smooth application in one go. Its wear-resistant formula protects nails and maintains their shine for more than 5 days. It provides easy application with its flat brush. Its user-appreciated features have been proven by panel test results. It has clean ingredients and does not contain 21 substances.

The limited edition ELLE Beauty Box, which includes 9 different products and the ELLE January issue, is instead of 2755 TL. 499 TL+VAT (598.80 TL Including VAT)

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