New Interpretation of Timeless Elegance

Guess 2024 Spring & Summer collection offers an exciting selection featuring new patterns and elegant details. Inspired by the divas of the 50s and contemporary designs, using special patterns, cuts and succulent color tones, the Guess women’s collection welcomes the season in style. In this collection, where floral patterns and suits stand out, fabric, denim and flashy details come together to appeal to every taste.

Forever Yours

Romance comes to the fore in this new season, which features fashion-forward looks, redesigned forms and details. Sophisticated evening wear takes its place in the collection in harmony with striking graphics, embroidered denim, oversize silhouettes, textures, gathers and window details. The collection, inspired by the 80s and Punk, with contemporary modern touches of summer knits, denim corset tops, skirts and balloon sleeve jackets with fun details and cuts, adds a dynamic atmosphere to the season. The collection, which has a wide range of options, promises Guess women a wardrobe of soft and bright tones.


In this refined collection, where retro style meets modern looks, sharp lines, sophisticated dresses, skirts, cargo pants and blouses consist of eye-catching lace, feminine cuts, pleats and stylish textures. Floral details and special motifs in the knitwear of the Guess Spring & Summer collection offer an original and elegant look. Special designs, presented in an eye-catching color palette of yellows and oranges, cold greens, pinks and pastel tones that reflect the spirit of summer, accompany women at every moment of the day.

Under the Sun

The Under the Sun Collection, which entered our lives with the hot summer months, offers designs in a bright and vibrant color palette that evokes pleasant moments, fairy-tale beaches and clear oceans. In addition to long, flowing floral patterns embroidered on eye-catching lace, batik-effect fabrics, denim suits, jackets and shirts, flared and asymmetrical contours provide women with many alternative stylish looks throughout the holiday season. Eye-catching colors, available in a wide range of options ranging from dark colors to pastel tones, attract attention throughout the summer.

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