New Logo for Massimo Dutti

The graphics that have accompanied Massimo Dutti throughout his history go one step further and improve his form. The change is characterized by an aesthetic approach to the here and now and the visual impact it brings.

With the application of the new logo, Massimo Dutti presents a magnificent work that aims to elevate its image, bringing it closer to the standards of contemporary and quiet luxury, while preserving its identity and recognition.

Thus, Massimo Dutti moves away from the global fashion trend and sets new paradigms in corporate identity in the fashion world, preferring a different and original aesthetic line with refined typography.

Massimo Dutti’s visual refresh goes beyond transforming the logo. By positioning its entire universe in harmony through its new image, the brand demonstrates its own storytelling, its most basic DNA. An omnichannel strategy where all areas of the brand are integrated and connected. From the new interior design concept of physical stores, where light, natural materials and art play a fundamental role, to the spectacular changes in collections designed to meet the new codes of contemporary wearability, all are conveyed in a visual and narrative language of high editorial quality.

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