Nilperi Şahinkaya with All Her Colors

We came together with Nilperi Şahinkaya, who is the Digital Brand Face of MAC Cosmetics Show Your Colors, who is currently excited about the theater play called Cells written by Engin Günaydın, and who will soon be on the screens with the TV series Before You, in a shoot where she showed all her colors. We talked about the excitement and beauty secrets of Nilperi Şahinkaya, an actress who shines with her endless energy, courage and passion for her job and continues to appear before us in different disciplines.

If we ask you to tell us about Nilperi Şahinkaya from your own perspective… You will soon be on television screens with the TV series “Before You”. What kind of character do you portray? What excites you about this production?

Sahra, the character I portray in the TV series “Before You”, is a woman who has experienced great difficulties since her childhood and has become hardened. While discussing the character with the director, we progressed through Lilith. She is very intelligent, but since she does not believe in love, men and life, she lives only thinking of her own interests. He cannot tolerate love because he sees it as weakness. There are many twists and turns in the story and I was shocked when I read the script. The fact that the audience will be surprised brings the work to an exciting point. It’s almost like a chess game.

You are also taking part in the theater play “Cells” written by Engin Günaydın. How does it feel to be on the theater stage? What attracted you to this game?

Entering the creation process live with the audience on stage is the most exciting and adrenaline-filled moment. The TV series reflects the director’s success, the stage reflects the actor’s success. Being a fan of Engin Günaydın and the fact that the play was a comedy attracted me. I wanted to act in a comedy theater play and this offer came exactly as I wished.

You adopt characters in different roles in each project. How do you choose your roles? How do you prepare for that character?

Every role has a beautiful story, but its appeal changes depending on how the lines are written. Telling the story of the role is not enough, I need to see the scenes and lines because I choose them entirely based on these elements. Screenwriters who write good lines are rare, there must be dialogues that flow naturally. It is also necessary to create a style and style according to the characters. By analyzing this, I benefit from the magical power of makeup. I pay attention to the details of the make-up to emphasize the uniqueness of each character and create an atmosphere suitable for the story.

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Do Not Disturb, Natural Disaster, Whichever Night I Grew Up, Derin Mor and many more… You have been here with many different projects in recent months. In your opinion, what are the most important things that these jobs, each of which is a different and new experience, bring to you?

Each project is a new excitement for me because it portrays a different woman. Each of them reveals a different side of me, and each character I play develops me as Nilperi. Being in the role allows you to start getting to know yourself a little more. The beauty of acting is that it transforms the actor.

As Nilperi, everything that makes you who you are are actually your colors. Is there a story from your life that stands out to you and makes you say you’re glad you chose to show your colors?

Because I came from my family, my passion for acting was not well understood. There were people who wanted me to choose a more “serious” job with a guarantee. I had to trust myself and my abilities, and I moved to Istanbul as soon as I graduated. It is important to be brave and solution-oriented because when you love your job, that love comes over all of them. All my colors that make me who I am; I have never stopped showing my feelings, dreams and passions bravely! While doing this, I always believed in the magical power of make-up.

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What is the role of makeup in expressing yourself? What are your favorite makeup products? Are there any points you pay attention to in make-up products?

The makeup I choose reflects my mood that day. Colorful make-up has a feature that increases and adds energy, so I like to use color. Along with the healthy skin I provide with my foundation, colorful blushes and eye shadows are among my favorites. My favorite make-up products; I can say MAC Studio Radiance Serum-Powered Foundation, MAC Stack Mascara, MAC Blush Rosy Cheeks Extra Dimension Blush, MAC Connect In Color Eyeshadow Palette, MAC Lipstick Sellout Lusterglass.

What kind of make-up do you prefer in your daily and night life?

I prefer pink tones in my daily make-up, especially I don’t go out without using lots of pink blush. At night, I prefer to create a strong look by using brown-toned eye shadows and plenty of mascara.

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Let’s talk a little about your skin care and beauty rituals. What do you do, what do you pay attention to?

I take care of my skin. I use all supports such as cream, lotion and tonic. I started “Frozen Face” and “Hydralift” applications, both of them are needle-free and painless. I always take off my make-up, sleep, and make sure to drink plenty of water.

Do you follow beauty trends? Is there a makeup trend that caught your attention this season?

I prefer to adapt to the fashion of the period. I like to support the appearance of radiance on the skin and eyes with make-up. This season, the abundant blush trend applied to the temples is my favorite.

You are someone who is not afraid to show your colors. What does the phrase “Show Your Colors” mean to you?

Show Your Colors means freely and passionately displaying all our values, beliefs, passions and dreams, in short, all the colors that make us who we are. To be able to reveal our unique colors, to boldly express our inner strength and originality, to be yourself.

As the Digital Brand Face of MAC Cosmetics Show Colors, you draw attention to looks by believing in the magical power of makeup. What do you think is the importance of looks for a strong expression?

They say, “Eyes are the mirror of the soul.” In my opinion, it is looks that reveal a person’s character and feelings at first contact. Eye expressions are most important in acting, for example. Since make-up plays an important role in enhancing the look, it becomes more impressive when colored or dark toned headlights, mascaras and eyeliner that enlarge the eyes are used.

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How do you feel about this collaboration? How does it feel to take part in this project that supports individuals to show themselves as they feel?

I love and protect all the colors that make me who I am. I am very happy to have crossed paths with MAC, which supports individuals to show their own colors using the magical power of makeup. Even at a very young age, I was able to become Nilperi today because I chose to show all my colors while advancing on my own path. This unity reflects my stance in life, supports my confidence in my character and my determination to reveal my own colors.

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