On the Trail of the Smell

The effect of smell is one of humanity’s oldest and most impressive discoveries. Hidden inside a bottle of perfume is a story that extends beyond time. Each perfume is filled with meticulously selected notes, carefully crafted like a work of art.

Linking the elegance of ancient times with the boldness of the modern age, the latest perfumes strive to capture a timeless spirit. Perhaps they carry the nostalgia of the past on the one hand and the hope of the future on the other. The story of each scent, which starts with a note and turns into a journey filled with thousands of emotions, transports you to a fairy tale land.

Each perfume also means a new adventure… Each bottle opens the door to another world; Once you enter it, it takes you on a journey full of the excitement of the unknown. Who knows, maybe you will rediscover yourself in the footsteps of one of these newest perfumes; You will trace unforgettable moments.

EX NIHILOBabylone Chandigarh Express Eau de Parfum
10,670 TL
The new member of Ex Nihilo’s Babylone series is an impressive scent with floral, woody and leather notes… Top notes are mandarin, bergamot, cardamom, middle notes are jasmine, Mahonial, Davana, fir balsam, leather accord, base notes are patchouli, vetiver, tonka bean. and symbolizes a utopian journey with benzoin.

MUGLERAlien Hypersense Eau de Parfum
4.550 TL
Layering a sensuous splash of juicy fruitiness, woodiness and florality, Alien Hypersense Eau de Parfum reveals and amplifies the original Alien’s signature solar jasmine sambac.

KIKO MILANOStellar Love Moonlight Spark Eau de Parfum
799 TL
A perfume that envelops the skin with a romantic scent with floral and fruity notes… It opens with sophisticated top notes of Mirabelle plum, fresh bergamot and orange blossom. In its heart, sweet essences of raspberry, wild strawberry, delicate white rose and cherry blossom spread.

GIVENCHYIrrésistible Very Floral Eau de Parfum
4.058 TL
The floral scent, whose main notes are rose and white flower, is enriched with the seductive aspect of ylang-ylang and the fascinating sweetness of jasmine. At its heart, the intense aroma of the charming rose is blended with the surprising notes of French currant bud and coconut water, exalting the senses.

L’OCCCITANEHerbae Iris Pallida Eau de Toilette
2.660 TL
The magnificence of Iris Pallida, which blooms as summer begins in Provence, comes together softly with the originality of sacred herbs, finally giving life to this fragrance that expresses the fresh naturalness of green with a warm sensuality.

GUERLAINNéroli Plein Sud Eau de Parfum
The freshness of Neroli sets off into the dazzling world of spices and forests to rediscover Moroccan roots and soul. Inspired by the southern travels of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, the famous explorer and author of The Little Prince, Guerlain Perfumery has created a breathtaking scent journey between earth and sky.

DIORNew Look Eau de Parfum
Exemplified by Christian Dior’s iconic suit in 1947, the New Look revolutionized fashion with its bold and elegant silhouette. Today, Dior Perfume Creative Director Francis Kurkdjian has recreated this precious heritage as a bold perfume for women and men. Born from a creative approach that pushes the boundaries of traditional amber essence, New Look opens with the unique and surprising freshness of aldehydes. It then reveals the sensuality of frankincense and amber tones, offering a long-lasting and enveloping luxury scent.

JO MALONERed Hibiscus Cologne Intense
5,500 TL
Impressive red hibiscus notes blend with sensual notes of elegant Arabian jasmine and vanilla. A warm and exotic floral scent emerges.

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