Panoramic Volume on Eyelashes

L’Oreal Paris, the beauty brand that set out with the brand mission of “Because We Are Worth It”, continues to support the power and self-confidence of inspiring women from all over the world. While L’Oreal Paris sheds light and guides women on the path of discovering their own selves, it transforms the perception of beauty into an extraordinary experience with its accessible luxury concept. With a perspective beyond the boundaries of traditional beauty, the brand manages to be the perfect representative of accessible luxury with its products on the market. Drawing its strength from science and modern feminism, L’Oreal Paris brings its products together with unique women in its target audience with a Parisian touch.

L’Oreal Paris brings quality and luxury together with its brand new product, Panorama Mascara. It has a striking appearance with its golden color package and embossed “Panorama” text… The product provides the appearance of 1.4 larger eyes with its panoramic volumizing feature, and gives the appearance of individually separated eyelashes with its panoramic brush and ultra-flexible formula feature.

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