Paris Fashion Week: Lacoste Fall/Winter 2024-25 Fashion Show

In the 2024-2025 Autumn-Winter season, Lacoste is making a big comeback, this time focusing on Paris Fashion Week and its origins with an artistic vision by Creative Director Pelagia Kolotouros.

For Paris Fashion Week, the respected Greek-American designer injects new energy into the brand in the spirit of Années Folles. During this period, René Lacoste – “the crocodile” – was recognized as the best tennis player in the world rankings, and Paris stood out as the world capital of creativity in the arts. Meticulous craftsmanship, clear lines and striking graphics highlight the interplay of fashion, sport and art – which is as central to today’s creative scene as it was in René’s time.

The first Frenchman to win the Davis Cup in America in 1927, René was one of the Historic Four Musketeers, and this historic victory leads to the construction of the Roland-Garros stadium and the French Open Tennis Tournament at large. One of the most prestigious sporting competitions in the world, this event continues the Lacoste legacy, bringing together a global community to this day.

This Fall, Lacoste takes center stage, honoring its founder – a pioneer, innovator and fashion icon – and celebrating both the brand’s deep-rooted heritage and contemporary modernity. Pelagia Kolotouros and her team transform the codes of the tennis world and inspirations from the archives into a sophisticated and feminine ready-to-wear collection. Lines bend, angles disappear and curves emerge in surprising ways, inspired by the stylish modernism of the 1920s and 1930s. French elegance embraces sportsmanship and achieves a clean and ready-made look with comfortable, sophisticated and casual clothes that appeal to everyone. A distinct sensuality is felt with the sophistication of Lacoste’s French elegance.

The main theme of the show is based on a drawing of the Lacoste crocodile, designed by René Lacoste and artist Robert George in 1927 and modernized today. Highlighted with colorful graphics and featured on blankets with strong, minimalist silhouettes, this design becomes a striking element throughout the collection. Baby crocodiles highlight femininity and glamor with silver sequin embroideries on lace dresses and tank tops, silk pleats float and reappear with a tie motif on neo-bourgeois silk scarves.

The designs are reminiscent of young René’s adventures in America. The designer is inspired by iconic details such as the original Lacoste tennis polo and tennis pleats produced in 1933, and combines them with soft polar fabrics, dynamic racing stripes and archival “Chemise Lacoste” labels. A Pop Art-style jacquard weave is adorned with motifs inspired by René’s Davis Cup victory.

René’s triumphant return is told with new sartorial proportions; A look that combines harmonious contrasts in a single silhouette emerges. Continuing the sports metaphor, pleated skirts in classic crepe inspired by the skirts worn by tennis champion Suzanne Lenglen offer a perfectly tailored look, while pleats on leather transform a sign of sport into a design code. Practical pieces such as sports tops, parkas and puffer jackets combine fashion and function. A new generation of knit sweaters updates old-school country club style for today. Coats cut like wide capes that slide easily over sporty tops and fitted jackets, emphasizing freedom of movement, offer a fluid, progressive look.

Iconic elements include a hand-embroidered wool coat with a scaled yellow crocodile reminiscent of uniform jacket techniques. The alligator-patterned bucket bags, which look like well-stamped old travel bags, are reminiscent of the alligator suitcase promised to René Lacoste by his coach Allan H. Muhr at the 1923 Davis Cup. In another nod to the brand’s origin story, a photo of René Lacoste kicking a ball is printed on a series of full looks.

Elegance and sophistication, performance and comfort, structure and ease, crocodile lace, silk, sheer layers and agility gently encounter sports technical materials. The colors that symbolize René Lacoste’s triumph also reflect the Lacoste legend, from sensual black and red clay to tennis court terracotta, contrasts of sky blue, grass and Lacoste green, and pure white.

In the spirit of creativity and collaboration, Pelagia Kolotouros brings together generations and communities, inviting them to make Lacoste’s codes their own.

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