Perfume Experience with Creative Artificial Intelligence Technology

Bulgari has created a new high perfumery event at Istanbul Airport, masterfully combining the timeless charm of Rome and the unique essence of Istanbul, once known as Eastern Rome.

The pop-up store, which opened on January 30, 2024, brought together Bulgari’s business partners, press and brand ambassadors. Gebr. The pop-up store, developed in cooperation with Heinemann and Unifree, offers the Bulgari Allegra perfume collection, providing a unique experience until March 31.

New Design: Italian Getaway

The Bulgari Allegra pop-up store is located in the right aisle of the beauty section of Unifree Duty Free. This bright, modern and dynamic space is created by the combination of bright lights and vibrant colors.

Highlighting the theme of the pop up and reminiscent of Bulgari’s iconic cabochon cut, the rose gold-toned vial design quickly captivates a traveler from afar with its charm. Looking closely, visitors can see the rose gold tone adorning every detail of the pop-up.

Paying homage to the precious metal that is an integral part of Bulgari jewellery, this metallic beautifully reflects light and captures the brilliance that symbolizes both the Eternal City of Rome and Istanbul. This brightness references Bulgari’s Roman roots with display units made of travertine stones and the iconic orange carpet.

Bulgari Allegra: High Perfumery Reinterpreted

Allegra means “joyful” in Italian, and the Bulgari Allegra collection brings out the emotions synonymous with the Italian getaway. It touches a variety of emotions, from the energy of the Italian Riviera (Riva Solare Eau de Parfum) to the magic of the winter sun period in Puglia (Spettacolore Eau de Parfum) and the pure passion of Italian love (Baciami Eau de Parfum).

Vibrant Italian-style fragrances are designed for an emotional olfactory journey with seven Magnifying Essences. The collection, which is never static, enables thousands of nuances to emerge with the harmonious combination of Eaux de Parfum and Magnifying Essences. Thanks to this unique approach, the Bulgari Allegra collection takes the pleasure of the extraordinary Italian lifestyle to a new dimension, from a sparkling Mediterranean to a red Roman sunset. This extraordinary collection takes the art of high perfumery to a new dimension with its innovative perspective.

Bulgari Allegra Mixology: An Artificial Intelligence-Generated Experience

Bulgari Allegra creative artificial intelligence technology appeals to the senses by enriching the perfume with synesthesia and multi-sensory dimension. With the mixology experience, customers enter an interactive world where smells, sights and sounds come together. Using a mixing console, participants can take on the role of a DJ and control the mix of Bulgari Allegra Eau de Parfum and Fascinating Essence as they create their own perfect balance. This synthesis of emotions culminates in personalized audio and video, a testament to the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the Bulgari Allegra experience.

Being the Center of Attention of Travelers

To attract travel lovers to the pop-up store, an extensive media campaign was organized at Istanbul Airport. The campaign highlighted the worldwide best-selling Bulgari Allegra Baciami perfume, which represents Italian charm and the seductive amber scent. At the same time, a special social media campaign for passengers at Istanbul Airport started with the opening of the pop-up. This campaign again increased visibility and engagement by highlighting Bulgari Allegra Baciami and invited passengers to participate in the Bulgari Allegra Mixology experience.

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