Pinko and Oxfoam Together to Be a Light of Hope

Thanks to #PINKOTakeCare, the “I SHARE POWER” campaign appears. Starting in December 2023, this campaign supports Oxfam’s initiatives and supports the fight against all forms of discrimination and the protection of every girl, girl and woman. It also supports programs that promote gender equality and contributes to changing the thinking and behavior of men and women that still incite, allow and legitimize oppression, inequality and abuse.

Oxfam is a global movement fighting against inequalities to beat poverty and increase the inclusion of people who are socially, economically and educationally vulnerable and therefore at risk of exclusion.

PINKO will contribute to Oxfam’s work in the Horn of Africa, bringing hope to 130 families facing a severe food crisis by providing them with shopping vouchers that can be used to purchase food from local shops and markets according to their needs and the demands of people in the area.

The voucher distribution program has a positive impact, helping them feed their families and provide a balanced diet, especially for breastfeeding women and their children, especially in regions where drought, floods, conflict and diseases are common. It reduces the level of malnutrition and creates a positive impact on markets by supporting local producers, while also increasing social solidarity.

From 1 December, for every receipt, PINKO will contribute up to 20,000 euros to Oxfam’s work to feed a family for a day.

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