Portraits of Women with iPhone

While March 8, International Women’s Day, was commemorated to help create a world based on gender equality, successful content producers on social media portrayed successful women in their world through iPhone lenses. You can take a look at the stories that will inspire us all to celebrate women’s achievements and increase their visibility, while strengthening the commitment to women’s equality.

Çiler Temporary

Who is Çiler Temporary?

“After working as a manager in the music industry for many years, I have been doing professional photography, which is my other great passion, for 15 years. I travel whenever I get the chance, and I aim to bring the four corners of the world closer with the “Audisoup” account, where I share my content with my followers.”

What was it like shooting in Portrait Mode with the iPhone? How did it allow you to express yourself?

The freedom and flexibility offered by portrait mode allows me to achieve satisfactory results both in food and product photographs and in portraits of people. Getting the aesthetic and focusing effects you want by adjusting the aperture is a really great advantage.

women day

I think that it is every person’s natural right to live in a world where people are evaluated according to their talents and merits, far from sexist approaches.

Derya Turgut

Who is Derya Turgut?

“I started food photography in 2013. I graduated from the Department of English Economics at Istanbul University and worked in the finance sector for many years. Transformations in my life opened different paths that led me to this work. As my interest in culinary arts increased, my interest in photography also increased and I received many trainings to improve myself in both fields.

I enjoy displaying the culinary stories and moments of the best chefs and restaurants in their field, contributing to many well-known cookbooks, and taking gastronomy and travel photographs for international magazines.

Natural light, simplicity and my individual aesthetic preferences in my photographs and my desire to discover hidden beauties in daily details constitute my artistic signature in my work.”

What was it like shooting in Portrait Mode with the iPhone? How did it allow you to express yourself?

In the new iPhone 15 series, the fact that Smart Portrait Mode allows you to manually select who should be the focal point in the photo provides a truly great convenience.

While taking photos, it is really great to be able to detect a person, animal or object and focus on that element thanks to the Portrait Mode feature. It is even possible to use this feature even if Portrait Mode is not active. This feature takes my photography experience to the next level. It is very impressive that after taking a photo, I can not only turn a photo into a portrait, but also determine the subject I am aiming for.

Additionally, when shooting in photo mode, the iPhone receives depth information so that I can use this option later, even if I decide not to apply the portrait effect at the moment I take the photo. In this way, I can later adjust the level of blur in the background to my liking.

women day

As a female photographer, I enjoyed being together with these three strong and inspirational female friends, who showed their presence in every aspect of life, and taking their portraits, celebrating their inspiring presence in order to give meaning to Women’s Day and emphasize its importance.

Rahsan Gulshan

Who is Rahşan Gülşan?

I studied journalism and did my job successfully for 25 years. Then changing conditions pushed me out of the profession and I lost my direction a little at first. But then I realized that my real job is to produce content and tell stories, and that this is the right feature to earn a living in the age of social media. I started by taking photos. Then video came into play. Today I have a video production company and I am a producer and director there.

What was it like shooting in Portrait Mode with the iPhone? How did it allow you to express yourself?

I mostly work with a professional camera. But I always have my iPhone with me. And it has gradually reached a point where it can meet the content production needs of a professional like me. At this point, Apple Log does not disappoint me at all with its video capture, Apple Raw and portrait photo mode. I took the photos in this series with the iPhone 15 Pro Max Portrait mode, and being able to play with the aperture and light settings even after taking the photos gives creative freedom.

women day

We are women who have managed to make their voices heard in male-dominated sectors. I want my young brothers and sisters to know that the world’s biggest cliché is actually the world’s most accurate life philosophy: “When you work hard, you get it.” I’m not saying it will be easy, but many qualities to succeed are in our female genes. I know this…

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