Radiant Collaboration: Messika X Estée Lauder

The collaboration that brings together Messika Paris and Estée Lauder brings together limited edition products inspired by the Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond skin care collection with jewelry and beauty enthusiasts.

Founded by visionary leaders, Messika and Estée Lauder share an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in products and service, as well as a dedication to the elevation and celebration of women.

The impressive career journeys of Valerie Messika and Estée Lauder, entrepreneurial leaders in different sectors, inspire female leaders around the world. Both brands lay the foundation for an admirable collaboration, fueled by their commitment to serving and elevating women.

Reveal the diamond within you

The Messika Paris x Estée Lauder collaboration represents a modern expression of the glamorous glamor signature Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv. This collaboration is based on a common inspiration for diamonds, which are an important symbol of both the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond collection and the unique craftsmanship of Messika Paris. The flawless shine of diamonds, symbolizing power, energy and longevity, characterized by the two brands, evokes a unique sense of luxury. Just as diamonds retain their value forever, Re-Nutriv’s patented technology strengthens the skin and keeps it younger for longer, visibly reduces the aging of skin cells and reveals a radical plan to recapture time.

Estée Lauder’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Region General Manager Anne Toussicot said, “Messika x Estée Lauder collaboration; It celebrates the synergy found between the two brands and the bold determination embodied by the visionary founders with a game-changing spirit. “This partnership will attract the attention of a new generation, young and luxury-minded, by reinforcing the luxury perception of our Ru-Nutriv collection while embracing timeless beauty.”

Valérie Messika, Founder and Artistic Director of Messika, explains her views on their partnership as follows: “I am very proud to collaborate with the iconic luxury beauty brand Estée Lauder. Like Messika, Estée Lauder is a pioneering and innovative global brand founded by a visionary woman. Whether we are talking about the brilliance of a diamond or the radiance of skin, we have a common desire to celebrate the existence of women. That’s why I believe in our collaboration with the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond collection, the rare diamond of the skin care world, from the very beginning.”

Precious like a jewelry box

The collaboration’s limited edition packaging, featuring a special Messika X Estée Lauder design, includes two iconic Re-Nutriv skin care products: Ultimate Diamond Sculpted Transformation Crème and Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Crème Rich.
The special gift box, which is divided into two upper and lower sections like a jewelry box, contains a selection of Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond collection products.

Try your luck and win the diamond

Luxury collaboration also; It invites beauty and jewelery enthusiasts to an innovative Diamond Hunt by offering three French, one Swiss and two German consumers the opportunity to win a stunning one-carat Messika diamond when they purchase special Re-Nutriv products. Winners also get the opportunity to meet Valerie Messika to receive a diamond necklace from Messika’s signature collection, Emotion.

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