Rhode Presents Its First Facial Cleanser

Let’s face it, Hailey Bieber is the internet’s favorite muse. All it takes is one post to inspire a new niche trend on TikTok… She covered her nails in shiny chrome; has become the poster child for dewy supple skin; She added “glazed donut nails” and “glazed donut skin” to her beauty dictionary and became the pioneer of latte and strawberry makeup trends.

When Bieber launched his skincare brand Rhode, a solution to dry dull skin, in 2022; The brand was built on one foundation: hydration. The first four products are designed to nourish, hydrate and protect the skin’s barrier through an essence (Milk), serum (Peptide Brightening Fluid), moisturizer (Barrier Repair Cream) and lip balm (Peptide Lip Treatment). The only thing missing was step one: cleaning.

“Rhode Pineapple Refresh Cleanser,” the missing piece of the puzzle and Hailey’s latest food-inspired gift to the world, launched on January 17. Uniquely designed with a balm-to-foam consistency, Pineapple Renewing Cleanser meets at the intersection of cleansing oil and gel cleanser to gently get rid of any heavy formulas that can wreak havoc on sensitive, reactive skin like Hailey’s. Years in the making, finding the right texture is what delayed the cleanser from joining Rhode’s first range.

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“It took me so long to launch this because I realized there was so much lack of cleanser in the skincare category that I feel special and different. I wanted something with a unique texture that felt beautiful and luxurious, almost like this interesting, soft texture.” “Beyond that, I wanted it to feel really moisturizing, not strip the skin, but also be something that would give you freshness, add shine, and help with some smoothness.”

As someone with sensitive skin, Bieber needed a cleanser with resurfacing properties that would eliminate any threat of irritation. “I have really sensitive skin. I struggle with perioral dermatitis, so it’s easy for me to get triggered. When it comes to wanting a very light, pleasant exfoliation, I’ve found that these gentle fruit enzymes (in cleansing) do the job for me. We’ve also packed it with calming and moisturizing ingredients. Sometimes when people see the word ‘exfoliant’ or ‘enzyme’ they say, ‘Oh, that’s scary.’ ‘I can’t even touch this’; I am one of those people too. “So I really wanted the story to be that you can have the best of both worlds in one cleanser,” she says.

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Rhode Pineapple Refresh Cleanser, although unscented, leaves a rich, creamy balm with a light scent derived from its natural ingredients; This particularly pleases those looking for a versatile sensory experience. When activated with water in the palm of your hand; The texture of the balm disappears as a gel-like foam is formed that coats the skin with a cocktail of pineapple enzyme, hyaluronic acid and sea buckthorn oil. But Hailey’s favorite ingredient is polyglutamic acid, a humectant that locks in moisture from the cleanser’s other supporting stars.

“There was a PHA (polyhydroxy acid) there initially. I felt like this was too much for me as a tester. I didn’t want this to be an exfoliating cleanser. I wanted this to be a hydrating cleanser with a gentle exfoliating undertone to keep skin cell turnover healthy. Apart from the pineapple enzyme, what excited me was the polyglutamic acid in it, which is a great moisturizing ingredient; It’s a more interesting ingredient in skin care that I’ve learned a lot more about. I was excited at the prospect of an ingredient that could still do amazing things for skin even after rinsing. “It still leaves skin moisturized after the event.”

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