Sabato De Sarno’s First Gucci Men’s Fashion Show

Creative Director Sabato De Sarno presented his first men’s collection for Gucci. For the Autumn Winter 2024 Men’s Collection, Gucci used a reflective approach that echoed elements and emotions of the first Gucci Ancora fashion show in September to further develop his vision for his wardrobe.

Sabato De Sarno insists that regardless of what critics think, Gucci will freely follow his own heart in shaping its new direction, saying that he thinks “many people ‘want innovation, but also shy away from big changes.’

His confidence in his personal vision was reflected in his first men’s collection, exhibited in Milan, which he aptly named “reflection”, reiterating his passion for words and the artists who use them. This particular men’s collection mirrors the first women’s collection he showed for Gucci last September and is a “continuation and validation” of his previous selections, he said.

“Collections are being considered together but mixed-gender shows are not an option at the moment. “I love special moments for each of them,” he said, adding that he chose to introduce many new faces on the catwalk, thus aiming to create life-changing opportunities for models.

The music and lighting in the venue (albeit a different venue than in September) also contributed to this feeling of reflection; Lykke Li’s “Late night feeling” and Mina’s “Ancora, ancora, ancora” were arranged by Mark Ronson, and French artist Lucky Love’s “Masculinity” was also added.

De Sarno admitted that he does not like mysterious messages and conceptual clothes. “It’s important to have a perspective, but everyone needs to be able to understand it,” he said.

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