Shine All Day Long, Stay Fresh and Renewed!

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer’s “Perfume Jewels” family continues to refresh our days and brings its colorful world full of different scents to your daily care routine. Perfume Jewels; It renews your skin with shower gels, moisturizes it with hand and body creams and refreshes it with body sprays.

Perfume Jewels Shower Gel 750ml, 98 TL
Perfume Jewels Shower Gels double your bathing pleasure with their fascinating scents. The unique formula of shower gels, consisting of 5 different options, turns into a softening foam on your skin when met with water, thanks to the 100% natural olive oil it contains, giving you a unique care experience.

Perfume Jewels Hand and Body Cream 50ml, 45.50 TL
With its special formula that respects nature, Perfume Jewels Hand and Body Creams are suitable for all skin types, while moisturizing your skin all day long with its Ecocert certified Shea Butter content. Hand and body creams containing natural olive oil provide softness to your skin and offer 11 different options with colorful designs and ingredients. Preferred by women who want to make a difference at any time with their scent, the creams provide effective care with their formula enriched with vitamin E and help you achieve healthy skin.

Perfume Jewels Body Spray 250ml, 104 TL
Carefully designed for enthusiasts, Perfume Jewels Body Sprays leave a refreshing, pleasant scent on the skin with 15 different scent options for women and men. Providing lasting freshness all day long, body sprays add sparkle to those who like to attract attention on Valentine’s Day with their fascinating, popular scent profiles.

With over 700 products, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer’s rich product range in different categories offers suitable gift alternatives for everyone. You can visit the common address Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Vadi Istanbul store, sales points and for the Perfume Jewels products you want and different life-refreshing product options.

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