Sofia Richie Grainge Became the New Global Face of SkinCeuticals

Professional skincare brand SkinCeuticals is excited to announce model and entrepreneur Sofia Richie Grainge as its new international brand ambassador. Sofia Richie Grainge reflects the values ​​of SkinCeuticals with her passion for scientific skin care and confidence in dermatologist expertise. A trusted voice for the new generation of skincare-savvy audiences, Sofia Richie helps inform the power of the brand with SkinCeuticals’ integrated skincare approach backed by science and aesthetic doctors.

Sofia Richie Grainge: “Since the first day I went to my dermatologist, he has been recommending SkinCeuticals to me. As someone who had severe acne during adolescence and later dermatitis problems, I love SkinCeuticals! It is very good for my skin. At this point, collaborating with the brand came very naturally. I am interested in skin care.” And I have always had a deep passion for finding the perfect products to complement my daily routine. Thanks to this collaboration and Dr. Mamina’s mentorship, I learned more about SkinCeuticals’ integrated skin care approach. I am also here to use SkinCeuticals products before and after aesthetic procedures. “We created the perfect skin care routine that I’m excited to share…” he explains his thoughts about the collaboration.

SkinCeuticals global brand ambassador Sofia Richie Grainge; While appearing in SkinCeuticals’ global campaign called “SkinCeuticals Skin Powered by Aesthetic Doctors,” she unveils her SkinCeuticals-powered skincare routine called “The Sofia.” This routine is developed by aesthetic dermatologist and SkinCeuticals brand partner, Specialist Dr. Prepared exclusively for Sofia Richie Grainge by Mamina Turegano. ‘The Sofia’ skin care routine, when applied together with clinical procedures, helps to get better results from clinical procedures such as laser, filling, botox and peeling and helps the skin heal faster. SkinCeuticals’ main products are; “The Sofia”, which includes Simply Clean cleanser, anti-aging antioxidant serum CE Ferulic, hyaluronic acid serum HA Intensifier, which gives the skin a plump and smooth appearance, and Triple Lipid Restore, which repairs and strengthens the skin barrier; It is offered for sale in authorized SkinCeuticals pharmacies and doctor’s clinics.

SkinCeuticals Global General Manager, Julien Chardon; “We are very excited to have Sofia as our global partner. Sofia’s high standards in skin care innovation and her trust in the expertise of dermatologists perfectly reflect SkinCeuticals’ values. Sofia and Dr. Mamina Turegano are trusted voices that will educate generations of skincare enthusiasts about SkinCeuticals’ holistic skincare approach.” explains.

Holistic Skin Care Approach

As the pioneer of integrated skin care, SkinCeuticals achieves proven results by combining advanced, science-based skin care products with clinical procedures. The brand’s powerful formulas enable the skin to heal faster after clinical procedures and get better results from the procedures. The brand is solidifying its place as America’s number one professional skin care brand, with its favorite CE Ferulic serum becoming the number one vitamin C serum recommended by US dermatologists.

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