Sofia Vergara Becomes Schwarzkopf’s Global Brand Ambassador

Schwarzkopf has a new global brand ambassador and a new campaign to match. Actress Sofia Vergara will be the face of the campaign, which will feature a brand with a two-pronged approach to reach consumer and professional audiences. The campaign, which will start in March, will be published on social media and will also appear in television commercials.

The campaign coincides with the popular star of Modern Family’s latest role in the series “Griselda”, which will premiere on Netflix on Thursday. “Stepping into this dramatic role for Griselda was different for me. Schwarzkopf said, ‘What story are you going to tell?’ campaign also made sense,” Vergara said. “This is collaborating with a brand that shares my vision of self-expression, embracing and celebrating the power of self-confidence. It’s a philosophy that resonates with me.”

Vergara says her relationship with beauty is “about telling my story to the world or using that as a tool to tell other stories.” “Confidence is everything in this career, and hair plays a huge role. It allows me to express myself authentically both on and off screen.”

Vildan Cerci, Henkel’s senior vice president of marketing, said Vergara is a natural fit for the brand. “Finding the right ambassador for Schwarzkopf is not easy due to our scope as a brand. “Sofia herself is very original, a true beauty who accepts herself as she is and builds confidence with her approach to beauty.”

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